No Quarter mod released!

Friday 22 September 2006 - 18:09:15 Category: Enemy Territory Posted by  Nail 16
Download it here:
Download it here:

Here are main mod features for those who don't know:

-Originally based on ETPub, but with lots of changes, no player/kill ratings or ATB, overall less stat based.
-New weapons, including a Shotgun, BAR, StG44, Bazooka, and MP34.
-New skills up to level 9, including Pistol Executions and Battlefield Resuscitation (CPR)
-More shrubbot commands, including !pants, !glow, searchable !showbans, and !freeze
-New ranks, totalling 19, unlike the original 11. Rank ensignia differs per team.
-Aura skills, much like RPGs, with region of effect.
-Insanity fun modes, including instant spawn, guided or homing rockets, panzer and mortar camera, and firebolt throwing.
-New player face skins
-Fun new end game awards
-Visible player leaning
-Droppable weapons and droppable clips, for ammo sharing
-Underwater oxygen bar
-ETPro style head hitboxes
-Realism options, including realistic proning and no shooting while on ladders
-Customizable landmine and airstrike smoke color, per team
-Customizable weapon scripts
-and much more..
[Submitted by JaquboSS]



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