SW El Kef released !

Sunday 15 January 2006 - 18:37:18 Category:  Posted by  Nail 15
The stopwatch version of El Kef is now ready for release.
The stopwatch version of El Kef is now ready for release.
The map has had many little tweaks and structure changes which have helped balance it a lot more since the last version:

- spawn times changed from 20/25 to 15/25
- new ammo rack for allies in the first section of the map
- new side path to the objective courtyard. This should help split the defense
- added crates around command post area to provide more shelter
- woodden shelters around spawns to avoid artillery spamming
- fixed texture bugs, texture alignments, and struture bugs
- fixed the forward spawn flag issue
- changed charge bar required for shatchel-breakable objectives (1.5 Charge Bar needed now)
- removed the roof access abive the main gate courtyard to reduce defense camping

SW El Kef is now attacker friendly and should no longer provide easy full holds, mainly because axis defenses take twice as long to set up, but also because allied respawn times have been lowered.

The map file, screenshots and info can be found directly in on http://www.gamedesign-online.com/ or you can download the file by clicking directly on the link below:

Once again, I would really like to thank Burniole, and the different clans who helped with testing and bug reporting on El Kef.



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