El-Kef Map Fix

Monday 03 October 2005 - 10:39:00 Category:  Posted by  foonr 1
El-Kef, a map by prolific

El-Kef, a map by prolific map maker Marko, has received a spawn script fix due to a bug in an earlier version.

Here's what Marko had to say:

"A spawn issue was reported on the El Kef map, when the village wall is blown.

Axis who had set their spawn manually at the forwad spawn flag could still spawn there, behind allied troups which is very unfair.

TWL Prophet helped me set up a fix script for ETPRO servers that will be required to run the map correctly in competitions. Download the following file and put it in the etpro custom scripts directory."

The script fix can be downloaded here.

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