Fart Spring Cup #2

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About half a year ago we, the Retired Old Farts, hosted our first

About half a year ago we, the Retired Old Farts, hosted our first cup. It was fun filled and saw Camelot (Negative Image) come on top. In the meantime we have learned our organisational lessons from the cup, upped our ETTV admin skills & tuned our cup system for more visibility to the participants.

So you have probably guessed it: The time is here again! On Sunday 9 October R0F is organising its 2nd cup, infamously dubbed the Fart Fall Cup 05!

This cup takes over the good stuff from the Spring Cup. We remain focussed on sportsmanship & fun! So like the Spring Cup, the Cup has been set-up to allow both beginners and more advanced teams to compete at the same time. Beginners can gain some experience because the group phase will make sure you play at least 2 games and perhaps . if the draw is favourable . end up playing a game against a big .name. in the competitive scene. The more experienced clans will certainly meet each other in the knock out phase.

The sign-up for the Fart Spring Cup is open till 30.09.2005. If you have questions about the cup please don not hesitate to contact us in our irc channel #r0f.et or send us an email. After you register you will get a mail from us confirming your registration.

Go and signup here.

All teams already gl & hf in the cup.




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