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Wednesday 23 April 2003 - 13:17:17 Category:  Posted by  EasyRider 21
ET seems to be a more developed RTCW.
ET seems to be a more developed RTCW. Not only graphics, new weapons/characters and game functions, like escorting a tank to bomb down walls with it, is what I mean. The great thing are the new controls and stats.
You can change settings in your menu which you had to do manually in your CFG before.
But much better are the grades (experience points) your soldier can reach. The better they are the faster e.g. an engineer can plant dynamite.
At the end of every round you see a list of stats as you know it from the shrub-mod.
One great new thing of ET is the included mix of OSP and other mods' features.

However not everything is that perfect. A mate complained about the bad movement. ET is slower than RTCW: grenades and jumps reminded me of Battlefield. But it's not that slow.
Also the Testmap, like MP_Beach in RTCW, is advantageous for the Axis team. With the possibility of planting landmines as an engineer (what I really like to do) you can secure most entries and camp in the wallarea. Maybe it won't be that unbelanced with bigger teams.
With Panzerfaust and Flamethrower still alive there comes another lamer-weapon: the Mobile MG42. I immediately thought of the FNMAG (cheater-weapon) in DF:LW. On large plain areas you have no chance to stay alive if the enemy saw you. And if the enemy finds a nice spot where he can lay down, too, it is very difficult to get him away from there.

All in all you can say that ET will be a mix of RTCW with its mods and a longer-distance game like DF or Battlefield. Considering that Enemy Territory comes out as a standalone game for FREE, it's goint to have great chances to find a much bigger community than RTCW at the moment. So stay tuned!



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