Santas Grotto

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Xenon, the ET mapper, has released his map ‘Santas Grotto’.
Xenon, the ET mapper, has released his map ‘Santas Grotto’. The map is about santas sack, the axis have stolen it and have it held inside the toy factory.
Allies get the honour to jump out of the b25 for their first spawn. They can then claim a new spawn once they have blown the gates. This then allows the allies to explore the whole map, which is pretty big.
Like always, axis have to stop the allies from stealing the sack. If the allies do steal the sack and escape to the sleigh, axis must try and shoot the objective holder out of it. This can be quite fun, and a good laugh.

1. Destroy the First Gate.
2. Steal the Key to the Second Gate.
3. Open the Second gate.
4. Fix the Fusebox to the third Gate.
5. Steal Santa's Sack.
6. Get Santa's Sack to the Grotto!
7. Capture the North Pole.
8. Capture the command post near the factory for quicker support.

1. Defend the First Gate.
2. Protect the second gate key.
3. Keep Gate 2 shut.
4. Dont let them Fix the Third Gate.
5. Protect Santa's Sack.
6. DON'T let them take Santa's Sack back to Santa!
7. Don't let them capture the North Pole.
8. Capture the command post near the factory for quicker support.

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