ETPub server 0.6.1 and ETPub Client 20051103 released!

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ETPub 0.6.1 and the latest version of the etpub client have been released!
ETPub 0.6.1 and the latest version of the etpub client have been released!
The list of changes and improvements is huge! Here are some of the major new features (all configurable, of course!):

- Better control of artillery and airstrikes to control airstrike/artillery spam
- Constructible XP sharing
- Airstrike blocking
- File-based XP Save (fully configurable, including XP decay to avoid having players with huge XP)
- b_realHead from ETPro implemented (Thanks Zinx and ETPro team!)
- Party panzers
- Vulnerable panzers, and other panzer options
- Sudden death dynamite and dynamite chaining
- Throwable knives
- Custom Obituaries
- Killing sprees
- Expanded statistics and player rankings, used (among other things) to balance teams based on player proficiency rather than just on XP
- Reflected friendly fire
- Expanded covert ops options
- Configurable weapon damage
- Damage-based XP (the same as ETPro's damage-based XP, plus another variant)
- Bug fixes to both etpub and stock ET code
- And many more features!

Please see the Changelog and the etpub docs for full details.

IMPORTANT: For those of you going from 0.5.x to the new 0.6.x etpub, please read the 0.6 upgrade notes.

Etpub server 0.6.1: From, or from tjw's site

ETPub client 2005-11-03: From, or from tjw's site



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