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Some time ago this site was affiliated with the channel

Some time ago this site was affiliated with the channel #enemy-territory on quakenet, but EasyRider, our beloved site owner donated it to those who wanted the channel name.

We realise that sometimes, you need to find someone instantly, or have a question answered. That is why we've decided to start another channel, but with a different name.

IRC, or Internet Relay Chat is a means of communicating over the internet by using channels on multiple servers, and thousands of other users. Because the ET community is primarily based on a server called Quakenet, and so we too will be using it.

To connect to an IRC server you need to have an IRC client, and by far the most popular / easy to learn is mIRC (Link).
Of course, there are others such as XChat :> Once you've installed and entered your personal details, to find up type the following:

/server -m irc.quakenet.org:6667
/j #et.com

or, alternatively, if you have your client installed hit this link.

There is always somone present 24/7, so if you need any help / want to contact us even if we don't respond just leave a private message.
By no means is this supposed to be a drive for idlers, just the simple fact that it ius a service and one that is available to you all should you need it.

Any other help can be found be reading up:




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