The River II - REDUX

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McNite & the UBC Clan are releasing the final version of 'The River II'.
McNite & the UBC Clan are releasing the final version of 'The River II'. The map we all have loved & played have been remade by it's creator & is now available as: The River II - REDUX (The Director's Cut).
View from the eastern hills to the bunker complex. View from the bunker roof into the yard towards the castle. Lift and Bridge area.
No more excuses: ingame command maps and voice objectives will tell the players what to do. The Tunnel Barrier near the Tram Station closes the tunnel for attacks, and its pretty hurtful barbwire too. Allies first spawn: down the left side into the Villa and through the tunnels is the best way to go.
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I asked McNite why he spend the last 6 month's (on & of), remaking a map he spend 4½ month to create in the first place. McNite replied that this is the way the map really should be. The remake has made the game play easier by adding extra hints so there's no misunderstandings about the mission. The biggest change is the adding of fog, making the snipers less useful because they have to come out of hiding. Another thing is that you can't see through the water so a swimmer with the objective is now hidden.
Get the map here ' tonight!
Map Features:

Fast and adrenalin-packed 2-stage map with a long document-run.

Challenging fighting in various environments:
Close quarter combat in tunnels, caves, stairs and a castle/bunker setting
as well as mid- and long-range fighting in open terrain.

Several access routes to the primary objectives offer tactical variation.
Game-layout is offense bias and offers both fast wins in less than 3 mins and
successful defense.

First stage:
Allies have to get a forward spawn by repairing a broken Engine Control Panel.

Second stage:
Allies capture the Bunker Flag to get a spawn close to the documents.
Then they need to steal the documents and take them to the waiting
Escape Truck.

List of Objectives for Allies:
1st Primary: Repair the Engine Panel which gives the forward spawn in the Tram Station.
2nd Primary: Steal the Treasure List and take it to the Escape Truck.
Secondary: Destroy the Tunnel Barrier for a 2nd route to the Tram Station.
Secondary: Capture the Bunker Flag for a forward spawn.
Secondary: Destroy the Bridge Controls to lower the Bridge.
Secondary: Blow up the Front Wall for easy access/ escape to and from the yard.
Secondary: Build the Command Post.

List of Objectives for Axis:
1st Primary: Defend the Tram Station, don't let Allies repair the Engine Panel.
2nd Primary: Defend the Treasure List.
Secondary: Defend or repair the Tunnel Barrier.
Secondary: Defend the Bunker Flag or recapture it.
Secondary: Defend the Bridge Controls.
Secondary: Defend the Front Wall.
Secondary: Build the Command Post.



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