ET Domination - Powerball's First Cup!

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ET Domination has been released but a month, seeing massive download counts worldwide, attaining near cult status.
ET Domination has been released but a month, seeing massive download counts worldwide, attaining near cult status. The mod is a development of Lanz's first mod ET Powerball, it revolves around two game modes - Powerball & CTF.

This was created with the competitive scene in mind, and Lanz is working hard to implement every request we've made. With this in mind myself and genGz took on the role of organising a Clanbase Hosted Cup.

The cup will be played using the Powerball gamemode and teams of only 4. It's a fast paced in your face game that requires skill, teamplay and throwing a ball in a goal! (How cool is that!) This mod revolutionises the fantastic gameplay of Enemy Territory bringing a whole new aspect to it. A favourite quote of mine being "It feels like i've just discovered ET again, but i'm not a total newbie!"

Now, what might be the one thing stopping you? Ah it's a mod and not a map, well we've solved that problem. Send an email to @ to book one of the Powerball Cup servers for your match. That or follow this simple guide on how to switch between ET Domination and ETPro here .

Now how do you win a Poweball match? Well there's two ways of scoring, first off you can throw the ball in the net. This'll give your team 3 points and is known as a "Score". Then there's the more difficult but rewarding "Touchdowns". To score a touchdown you must run the ball through the goal, this will earn your team 7 points. The team with the highest score at the end of a round wins. Easy! For a full list of rules see here

The map list is still to be confirmed as we're awaiting beta testing of some new maps, currently these maps will be included:

  • dom_base
  • dom_desert
  • dom_ruins

During the group stages each match week will have pre-determined maps with the deciding map (if required) decided using the elimination rule. Once we enter the knockout stages clans can then choose their own maps.

The config being used will remove heavy weapons, rifle nades & fire for effects. This is to reduce the spam in what are small maps. Download the config here and add it to the config folder in the ET Domination directory.

And finally, want to use your usual config to play ET Domination - Powerball? Well that's just fine, copy it to the ET Domination directory and add the 6 customizable ET Domination cvars.

Good luck to all competing teams and have fun!



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