48 Hour Marathon in Aid of Cancer Research starts TONIGHT

Friday 29 July 2005 - 11:35:37 Category:  Posted by  unblind Comments (3)
The final countdown has begun.

The final countdown has begun. Tonight at 8pm xyto*genGz will start playing enemy territory and will not stop until 8pm on Sunday!

The event will be covered by Komatsu of M8D Radio (coverage starts at 7pm tonight) with updates throughout the 48 hours available on the 48 hour website and #xytogen on quakenet.

All money that is rasied will go to Cancer Research UK, the UK's leading cancer research charity. Donations are gratefully accepted and can be given at the 48 hour website using the link provided.

A 24 slot public campaign server is being provided by UQ Gaming as well as a 50 slot teamspeak server so you can chat to genGz while he is playing. He will also be playing on the xYtogen Domination servers for some powerball and CTF action. Read more about Domination. A live streaming webcam will be available on the 48 hour website during the event so there's no chance of genGz swapping with someone else to play while he gets a bit of kip.

This event promises to be much bigger and much better than the last attempt and genGz hopes to go for the 'full hold' this time around. But he can't do it without your support; The more people that get involved the more money we raise the closer we come to finding a cure for cancer.



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