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You've seen the interview now is the time to play the game for yourself!
You've seen the interview now is the time to play the game for yourself! Tonight is the long awaited release of ET: Domination, The Powerball and CTF Mod for Enemy Territory.

You may remember early last year a mod was released by Lanz called Powerball. The objective is to pick up the ball from the middle of the arena and score it in your opponents goal. Whilst you are carrying the ball you can't fire your weapon but you can fire the ball in the direction you are facing.

Now a year on, the mod has finally been updated under the new name of ET: Domination and now features Capture the Flag. The update includes...

- ETPro antilag and hitbox code
- Improved standard maps
- All new map; Steelplant
- Hitsounds implemented
- Class and weapon restrictions
- New fancy ball model
- Numerous CVAR's to enable you to run a game exactly as you want

A more detailed changelog can be found here but is no means exhaustive!

Join #ET.Domination at Qnet for the launch party and get the download links and server IP's
About the mod....

Powerball is a modification to Enemy Territory. The game is played with two teams and both fight for controll of one single ball on the map, you can pass it to team mates and enemies. The objective is to take the ball to the enemy goal and score it. This can be done in two ways, etheir by throwing it in the goal which gives you and your team 3 points, or by walking through the goal and get 7 points.

While you are holding the ball, you can't fire any gun, you throw the ball with the same key as you fire. After you have thrown the ball you can't fire for 500ms.

A new hud is developed, and not as cluttered as the usual one, it also show the score between the two teams in the top right corner. The game is all about fast fun action, that needs a lot of team work to do good in it. In some ways, this mod is similar to reverse CTF, if you've ever played that.

The second game type is Capture the Flag and plays in much the same way as CTF on other platforms. But now featuring intelligence scoring for assists and base defences the game has been taken to a new level.

I don't think this mod will make you disapointed if you tired a bit on or need a change from the 30 minutes never ending game modes in vanilla ET.

There should also be a shoutcast of a game with h20xygen from PG Radio



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