Urban Terror for ET goes down...

Saturday 16 July 2005 - 16:21:04 Category:  Posted by  unblind Comments (3)
The guys over at urbanterror.net has decided NOT to port UrT 3.7 for ET.
The guys over at urbanterror.net has decided NOT to port UrT 3.7 for ET. Instead they will focus on the developement of a new game called Mercenary-X.

From UrbanTerror.net:

In May, 2004 a group of Silicon Ice Development members including Twentyseven, RabidCow, Bladekiller, HighSea and myself created a company called Frozen Sand, LLC. This company was a separate entity from SID, which was a team only in name. At the time of formation, we began working on a concept demo called Mercenary-X using Enemy Territory. It was our hopes we would present it to game companies and potentially secure contract work or the chance to work on our own unique game.

Q: Why arn't you porting UT 3.7 1:1 anymore?
A: Because theres no money in it, frankly. You can already play 3.7 on quake3.exe, and that engine is getting "open-source"'d soon enough. So the argument about a "community of new players on a free engine" doesn't hold weight, you diehards can go do that for yourselves.

Q: You lied! Why didn't you tell us!?

A: Well, we ARE telling you. Like right now. Invent us a time machine and we'll go back and tell you before it was decided, which was only a couple of weeks ago.

Q: What About 3.x -> ET:UT?! Can't you just release that?!

A: Well, it'd still needs alot of work, and frankly releasing that would be counter-productive to our new direction. So the short answer is noone has the time or inclination to work on it further.

Q: Ok, so, whats the timeframe on this new Urban Mercinarys whatever hoohaw?

A: We already have a playable prototype with the major changes in place. A few Months. Not a year. Thats about as accurate as we can say TODAY, we'll have a clearer idea as we expand our art team and dole the workload out.

Q: Is it going to be free?

A:At least initially. However, Frozen Sand LLC owns every lick of IP being used for this demo (unlike Urban Terror 3.x, which was the mongrel child of over 40 people over the years) so selling it or developing it into a retail product is a posibility.



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