48 Hours of ET for Cancer Research

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You may remember about a year ago there was a vision, some might say a dream to play ET for 48 hours straight in aid of Cancer Research, led by one man alone: Tiberiumbo lasted a full 37 hours, citing inexperience and a massive sugar overdose as the reason.

genGz' 48 Hour ET Marathon Attempt In Aid Of Cancer Research UK!

You may remember about a year ago there was a vision, some might say a dream to play ET for 48 hours straight in aid of Cancer Research, led by one man alone: Tiberiumbo. The event was a massive success, raising close to £100, and considering it was staged with very little warning, people responded highly gratuitously. Tiberiumbo lasted a full 37 hours, citing inexperience and a massive sugar overdose as the reason.

Now though the event is going to be re-created, on a much grander scale. Scheduled to start Friday July 29th, and sponsored by #M8D, M8D International Radio, #uQ-Gaming and GamersDatabase.com, Tiberiumbo (now known as genGz) is hoping that this attempt will be even more successful than the previous go. What's more, as revealed in a recent interview with Komastu, genGz has been in 'training' to ensure he lasts the full 48 hours.

Round the clock live coverage and build up will be available on M8D radio, a huge 50 slot public teamspeak server provided by uQ, and a live webcam session will all be provided, in addition to exciting other prospects which will be revealed soon on the official website.

More information can be found at 48Hours, #xytogen and through the following sponsors:



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