NationsCup VIII Finals!

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By the time Sunday draws to a close, the event with more scandal than Rebecca Loos will draw to a close, having crowned either Hungary or Estonia champions of this NationsCup VIII.

By the time Sunday draws to a close, the event with more scandal than Rebecca Loos will draw to a close, having crowned either Hungary or Estonia champions of this NationsCup VIII. So far we've seen forfeit wins, full holds, spam, even teams coming back from the dead (remember Hungary were at one point disqualified), however nothing can mask the fact that this has been an extremely enjoyable competition to follow.

Coming up tonight we have the actual final, and on Sunday my beloved UK team (<3 Rene):

Finals - 29th June
Match: Hungary vs Estonia
Time: 20:00 GMT 21:00 CET
ETTV: Information

3rd Place Bronze Match - 3rd July
United Kingdom vs Belgium
Time: 29/6 20:00 GMT 21:00 CET
ETTV: Information

More info at Clanbase >> Be sure to tune in!



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