M8D's Friday Frag Festival!

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The trademark "It's FRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!" cry has gone out, which can only mean one thing!
Yes, the famous weekly Friday Frag Festival is taking place again today on the M8D International game servers, and the M8D IRC channel #m8d on Quakenet. Be sure not to miss the jewel in the crow of the event, #M8D Radio!

Everyones favourite noDJ Komatsu will be chatting with the UK ET captain for the Nations Cup, with my personal idol Rene (rG) ,congratulating nl Frop from Eurocup winning clan U96 Dasboot basking in the glory over fi Parodia. Add to that having the full scoop of ferus' decision to leave U96D and the schedule is a cracking one indeed!

"And there is also another bonus!" My very own clanmate SkyD will be embarassing himself with a rendition of Spice Girls - Wannabe. And if you missed his singing of Peter Andre last week, you better not miss it this time!

M8D Radio tonight starting at 19:00 CET.
M8D Radio using windows media player: Listen
M8D Radio using winamp: Listen



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