Battle of Wolken 3 B4

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After several months of work chris has finally finished the current version of his ET map, Battle of Wolken 3 (Axis Stike).
After several months of work chris has finally finished the current version of his ET map, Battle of Wolken 3 (Axis Stike).
The map takes place in the mythical land of Wolken where islands of many climates float around in what appears to be clouds, offering a dangerous battlefield to fight in.

Map Info

The map is set in the land of Wolken a very strange place indeed, in this installment Axis forces are attempting to steal documentation on Wolken from the Allies.

Download the map from here or from:


There is also a short player guide to the map here.

Full information can be found at the Wolken 3 webpage


1) Capture the forward bunker
2) Destroy the main entrence
3) Destroy the side entrence
4) Steal the documents and return to plane
5) Steal the fuel can and return to plane


1) Defend the forward bunker
2) Defend the main entrence
3) Defend the side entrence
4) Defend the documents
5) Defend the fuel supply



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