ETPub 0.5.1 and etpub client are out!

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EtPub 0.5.1 and optional clients have been officially released!
EtPub 0.5.1 and optional clients have been officially released!
Here is a summary of all the new features:

- Client-side mod introduced (of course!)
- A ton of bugfixes implemented server and client-side from Chruker's Project Bugfix (BTW: Thanks Chruker!)
- Server banners
- Expanded /kill controls
- Obituaries in chat (like in shrub)
- Multi language docs included: English, German, and French.
- Windows and MAC installers (for those who need it)
- Killrating system implemented (based on the ELO System)
- Shoving now has configurable sound and is much more like shrub.
- More configurable (including sound configs) poison needle.
- /ignore command for ignoring bothersome people.
- Forcecvar functionality (only if you use the optional client)
- Configurable "FIGHT!" sound at the start of a map/match.
- /playsound server command implemented

And much much more. The full changelog for this release makes three whole printed pages (and not double-spaced, or with big fonts smile ) please see the Changelog and the etpub docs for full details.

IMPORTANT: For those of you going from 0.4.x to the new 0.5.x etpub, please read the upgrade notes.

Downloads: Etpub server 0.5.1: From, or from tjw's site
ETPub client 2005-05-26.pk3: From, or from tjw's site



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