Return to Carnage Canyon 2

Tuesday 05 August 2003 - 16:25:44 Category:  Posted by  Bane Comments (12)
Marco has updated his version of Return to Carnage canyon to version 2.
Marco has updated his version of Return to Carnage canyon to version 2. Changes consists of the removal of certain bugs which remained after a fast release of the 1st version. You can find some screenshots on Marco's site

Download the new version here.

- the sea wall has been removed and replaced with a bit more breakable barriers

- added selectable spawn for axis from the limbo menu with 4 main positions:
2 spawns in Axis main base (for radio defense)
1 spawn in the beach main bunker for quick MG42 action
spawn in the axis baement for generator defense

- added a catwalk linking the Axis base wall and the main beach bunker

- fixed the trenches flag issues

- added a vent and door from that vent to offer a new way into the enemy base

- added a lot of detail to the map and posts on the walls which indicate the main directions

- added a bunker on the beach with an underground shletered access to the trenches for allies

- removed 40% of the long tunnels that made the map boring and go your lost

- the power generator now has a layer of snad below it which means you can plan mines in some places

- trenches are now minable too

- added trees, remade the alphamap for the terrain

- new command map by Chris Stockslager

- removed the axis base gate and replaced it by one you can shoot through

- corrrected the mg42 location names that were wrong

- corrected bugs on several ladders and a few texture glitches

Source: readme file.



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