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A new MOD has been released called ET_Tourneymod which is develloped by Shrub.
A new MOD has been released called ET_Tourneymod which is develloped by Shrub. The mod fixed some bugs as indoor strikes or wrong spawnpoint selections, but it also changed the HUD, as well as quite some game settings. The suggestions mainly came from the Teamwarfare community and the changes appear very promissing.

You can download it here.
NOTE: Unless big problems arise with the mod(which is unlikely), this will be required for next week's matches unless it is absolutely impossible to install it. The file can be found in the Downloads RTCW section of the TWL website

As alluded to throughout the entire season-planning process, we were attempting to secure a competitive mod in order to both enahnce some aspects of competitive play and fix several bugs, ranging from the serious to the annoying. We tried to target those things which detracted from making ET Clan play an optimal enjoyable experience. We are now pleased to announce that the work on that mod has been completed and present to the community the completed version of ET_Tourneymod.

As a preface to outlining the key features of this mod, I would like to state a couple of things. Firstly, the creator of ET_Tourneymod is Shrub, he worked very closely with us and was very patient throughout the entire process in listening to our ideas then making them work in the mod. He worked very efficiently while making virtually no mistakes. The second is that we have no intention of drastically changing ET from what it naturally is with this mod. I want to allay that fear immidiately, the majority of the changes found in the mod are bugs which needed rectifying. Despite that, there were some things which were added to the mod which we hope will simply enhance gameplay and make ET League/Ladder play an even more pleasurable experience. These "extras" are things we will be TESTING throughout the pre-season period. Many of the gameplay changes are simply ones which give the leagues flexibility in changing aspects of the game in order to make for a better quality of matches over all.

At first glance, the pros seem to greatly outweigh the cons for these changes but we are realstic and will be listening intently to the players. If the changes are not welcome after being implemented by a large number of the teams, more likely than not, they will be removed. That said, I am confident the changes will be well received.

Although Shrub has added many of the ET_Tourneymod features to his popular ET_Shrub mod as well, the changes in the former were based on the ideas solicited from many members in the ET competitive community. So, while there is overlap, the intention of ET_Tourneymod is to be used for clan competition, as such, the following changes have been made:


a) Although we initially planned to make Tourneymod server-side only, one of the things most requested was an updated HUD that cleared up some of the clutter. As a result, this option was added. It is possible to go back to the old UI easily and/or put the compass back to the upper right corner.

A picture of the HUD can be found here.


a) Gibbing takes More Shots: Gibbing has been altered, the default in ET is 3 SMG(mp40/Thompson) shots. This led to a marginalizing of the utlitiy of medics and was considered a key complaint by many of the people who gave us feedback. As a result, the number of shots to gib in ET has now increased to 6 shots. This is definatley one of the changes we will be monitoring closely to see if it leads to better games.

b) The Gib Boxes: In ET were huge, so much so that it seemed like a bug. They actually created the situation where you would inadvertantley gib comrades who were killed in front of you if you attempted to kill the person that killed them. As a result, the gib boxes have been lowered signifigantly.

c) Players waiting for a revive are not dropped for inactivity

d) Prone Hitboxes are now fixed so that they are more realstic


a) Partial name matches can now be used with the /follow command

b) Player Names now show up while in Free-Float mode

b) Muted players can no longer call non-unmute votes

c) Spectators get click on a player while in free-float mode to look through them in first person mode.

d) Intermission Time between rounds can be shortened


a) New System: New system put in place to change classes so you don't have to use the limbo menu and binds are easier to make. Example of this would be to change to a Covert with a rifle you would type in: /class c 2.


a) Respawn with the same bar after a /kill: Ok, before I get the hate PMs and email regarding this, be assured its simply another measure we're testing to see how effective it is in curbing the amount of spam in matches and making maps like battery and fuel dump immensely more enjoyable. Basically, under this change, players will respawn with the same charge bar they had prior to doing a /kill. Having tested this one myself in a couple of scrims I must say it really does cut down the spam so I implore you to try this one prior to prejudging it.(if it is ineffective in making batter matches then it will be dropped)

XP: Saving in SW/Adjustable XP to start

a) Your XP will be saved if you are disconnected during the middle of a round.

b) Accumulating XP between rounds: Sorry, this is not something we are currently ready to implement in the league. It is however a change which is useful for pubs and we are looking into the viability of using it for the campaign ladder.

c) Adjustable XP: This gives us the ability to determine what levels various classes start at or to cap them(or everyone) at the start. At this time we are not utilitizing this function but if it were determine to be needed it could be.


a) Faster Tanks: Rather than increase the amount of time necessary for some maps(i.e. Fuel Dump-kind of ties and Gold Rush) this CVAR will allow the speed of the vehicle to be increased in order to shave time. We will be increasing the speed enough so that it shaves some time and gives teams more of a chance to do the actual main objective but not enough so that it detracts from the fight to get the tanks to the point. Again, this is something to be tested in preseason and use to get heavy feedback on.

b) Going in hand in hand with the above, we needed the ability to make a certain config particular to certain maps, so this ability was added. I.e. We didn't want the Train in Railgun to move any faster whereas in Gold Rush we did. This fixes that.


a) Ammo bounce back bug, wherein if you're too close to the person you try to give health/ammo to, the giver gets the health/ammo has been fixed.

b) Ammo/Health will be thrown out slightly further


a) Indoor airstrikes are fixed

b) Private slots work when the server is password-protected.

c) Akimbo pistols appear properly after a player gains level 4 light weapons (after next respawn)

d) Stats for akimbo pistols are logged (as colt/luger)

e) XP is given for kills with akimbo pistols

f) SMGs appear properly as the first weapon after a player gains level 4 heavy weapons (after next respawn - takes precedence over akimbos)

g) Spawnpoint selection works properly on initial spawn

h) Player movements while frozen after a revive are ignored

i) Important cvar settings are printed in the console at the start of each round

j) Stens overheat properly with Level 2 cov.ops.


In Closing, I would like to stress and impore to the community that you give this mod a chance and that you also feel no hesitation in contacting:

IRC: LoT-Warpath|TWL on Gamesnet #twl_rtcw, #lot
Email: @

IRC: a//Shattersoul on Gamesnet #twl_rtcw, #arise
Email: @

Blue Dragon:
IRC: LoT-Blue on Gamesnet #twl_rtcw, #lot

Feel free to give us feedback, observations or questions. If you like the mod, as I hope you do, you should feel free to thank Shrub, he worked very hard on it and in my opinion, it paid off.

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