ET Pro 1.0.0 Released!

Friday 01 August 2003 - 14:55:45 Category:  Posted by  Bane Comments (5)
ET Pro, the Enemy Territory Competetion Mod announces its first release 1.0.0!

ET Pro is a server-side mod specifically targeted at competition play, with features specifically designed for administration of competition servers.

ET Pro is a completely server-side mod -- players don't have to download anything in order to play on ET Pro servers.
Some of the major features:
o) Private messaging, including team-only private messages
o) Player shoving. Shove those pesky door blockers / laggers / afk'ers out of the way.
o) Administrators may grant "semiadmin" access to give individuals limited rcon access without having to give full rcon access.
o) Custom configs for pub/competition settings, and per-map custom configs
o) Client cvar settings may be forced from the server
o) Rotating server banners are available

Major features tuned for competition play:
o) Server may be configured to start players at specific skill levels
o) The XP-Skill system may be disabled entirely, for balanced competition play
o) "Stat saver" saves full XP,ranking,weaponstats,team/playerclass/weapon selection across disconnects

There are also numerous bug/exploit fixes, and optimizations for reduced bandwidth, memory, and cpu usage.

Full documentation, downloads, and discussion forums can be accessed at
ET Pro

See you online...!



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