Nazi Realism Mod (sigh)

Saturday 26 July 2003 - 17:47:56 Category:  Posted by  e107 Comments (3)
Vlasterx sent in information about a mod he made that
Vlasterx sent in information about a mod he made that replaces the standard Wolfenstein logos for the more historically correct Nazi symbols. This mod is probably illegal in Germany because of their laws.

Personally I think that it is something that should not be in a video game meant for entertainment but who am I to impose my views on everyone (woops, too late, lol).

Visit this site to download the mod.

Note: once the page loads click the "English" tab and then click the happy face logo to go to the "fun" section (can you smell the irony?).

Here is a page of screenshots of the mod in action. Remember for the mod to work the server must be running it.

Update: The file now can also be found in our download section thanks to Vlasterx.



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