Return To Carnage Canyon

Saturday 26 July 2003 - 00:09:56 Category:  Posted by  e107 Comments (2)
Marko announced in the

Marko announced in the Splash Damage forums that he has released a new map entitled Return to Carnage Canyon.

"Just a little note to say I have a new conversion ready. Unlike trainyard, this is a total conversion which means 100% ET map!!!! I even have custom voices for the objectives.

Unfortunately, I had to release this map in a hurry which means there might be one or 2 little bugs left because some servers managed to get the beta version I made last week and run in on public servers with downloads enabled. I even found 2 sites hosting the pk3 file...

Anyhow, here's the map with a complete readme file. There's quite a few cool things in it and the only "bug" is the objectives in the limbo menu.... I guess that will have to be sorted out on the next map...."

He also posted this direct link to his map.



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