OpenGL Cheat Out For ET

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Well it looks like a working cheat has been circulating for ET.
Well it looks like a working cheat has been circulating for ET. It uses a hacked version of OpenGL and a modified ET.exe file. I won't mention it's name because I don't want to help spread this garbage but I thought it was important to let people know it is out there.

The makers claimed that it was a "total bypass for punkbuster" and it seemed to work...for about 10 days until PunkBuster caught on.

Here is a quote from the READ ME file:

"// below is the list of the binds that come with this hack(enjoy)
NUMPAD1 - toggles 3rdperson(basic 3rd person) on and off
NUMPAD2 - toggles Whitewalls(makes everything White) on and off
NUMPAD3 - toggles Nofog (removes the fog) on and off
NUMPAD4 - toggles Modelbounds(creates a 3d cube around all playermodels) on and off
NUMPAD5 - toggles Nosky(removes sky)on and off
NUMPAD6 - toggles Weathereffects(rain&snow&etc..) on and off
NUMPAD7 - toggles Shownormals(White dots allover) on and off
NUMPAD8 - toggles Nocurves(removes curves) on and off
NUMPAD9 - toggles owned(Message saying pm owns u(can be edited))"

At first it seems that these cheats are harmless enough but if you read this page you can see how the cheats could be used against you.



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