Punkbuster update

Friday 20 June 2003 - 00:29:41 Category:  Posted by  Bane Comments (10)
There are quite some punk buster updates today.
There are quite some punk buster updates today. Changes include setting a usual allias and fixes for a videohack exploit. Servers update Punkbuster automatic, but if you with to do so manual, follow this link.

If you're experiencing an integity problem please check at this forum post.
New detection code was released today that appears to be causing 'Video Hack' violations for players who are not running hacks. We have temporarily disabled these detections until this issue can be resolved. We suggest that PB Admins ignore #9xxxx violations that were raised today. 'Video Hack' violations that were raised prior to today are still valid.
new Alias-related feature for servers with Alias Tracking Facility enabled: players who are currently playing with an alias that is not their most commonly used alias on the server will be denoted with an "~ALIAS~" prefix in the player issued /pb_plist command; now players can use /pb_plist to easily see if another player is using a name that is not his/her 'usual' name on that PB server
new command "/pb_alist " that shows the list of aliases used by a specific player on the connected PB server; use the /pb_plist console command to get a list of players and use the PB slot # shown in the pb_plist output for the pb_alist command; for example, issuing "/pb_alist 3" (without the quotes) into the console will pull a list of Aliases used by the player in PB Slot #3 and show how many times each alias has been used on the server plus the date of first and last use; the maximum number of aliases tracked per player by the PB server is also shown; if the PB Server does not have the Alias Tracking Facility enabled, then a message to that effect will be displayed when this command is issued; NOTE: this command only works when connected to PB Servers v1.037 and higher



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