ETQW Shipping For Mac & Xbox 360 Preview

Thursday 20 March 2008 - 13:15:09 Category: Enemy Territory Posted by  EasyRider Comments (1)
Shipping For Mac
Shipping For Mac Aspyr Media, Inc., announced today they have begun shipping id Software’s Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars™ for Mac throughout North America. Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars is licensed by Activision and was developed by Aspyr Studios for Mac. Source: Xbox 360 Preview While we can’t say exactly when the title will ship for console, given id’s rote mantra “It’ll be out when it’s done…,” we can say that id, Activision and Nerve Software (which is developing the Xbox 360 version) recently showed us a build of the game they’re referring to as being in the “beta” stage. While it’s surely speculation on our part, the “beta” proclamation and what we saw on the screen indicate that the game has to be pretty close to being ready for public consumption. Read the full story at WorthPlaying published 7 new screenshots for PS3 and Xbox360. Watch them here.



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