Starbase map - beta release

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Starbase is a map that takes ET into a new dimension.
Starbase is a map that takes ET into a new dimension. Allies are preparing an ion cannon which aims at annihilating
axis forces and end the war. Axis board the Allied Starbase with a battleship with only one objective: take the
starbase off orbit.

The first section of the map is a fight to establish a forward spawn position. Axis have 2 entrances to breach in
order to reach a central room where they can build the spawn. The fight then becomes indoors, with loads of new
features: teleporters, energy barriers, sci-fi styled ammo racks...

This map is at a BETA testing stage, meaning there is still quite a bit of work to do on the map to improve it. Any ideas, suggestions, bug reporting are more than welcome on the forums. The main point we would like to focus on with this public beta release is map balance. Indeed, we didn t add any buildable defenses for allies yet because we don t know how the map will play in public.

A great thanks to all those who helped in testing this map, and to Burniole and Kennie for the hours they spent testing this map over and over. The command map was made by Burniole and Chris has made the space fighter ships brushwork

The map can be downloaded in the downloads section or by clicking HERE
2007-03-25 : Starbase - Taking ET to the starsby Marko
The new Starbase map is close to being tested. In this new map, Axis attack an allied star base via an interstellar battleship. Most of the textures, sounds and shaders are not ET-native.

[Submitted by Marko]



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