Posted by foonr

There's a new version of GameCam out and about for you to utilise, I guess it would come in handy if you were thinking of making a movie...

"Game Cam v1.3 has been released and is now available for download. Game Cam v1.3 introduces Smart Capture. This new feature will eliminate the guesswork for you by automatically analyzing and adjusting your video settings giving you richer looking videos. You don’t have to fumble through tweaking your video settings; let Smart Capture do the thinking for you.

Game Cam wants to be a part of your game experience; not interfere with it so we’ve implemented a new hot key structure that puts a whole new keyboard at your finger tips. There’s no need to ever change your current games hot keys.

You’ll also enjoy the new compatibility changes that make Game Cam more user-friendly with a wider variety of games.

Website + Info

Thanks Swe / PW


FalckonET Announces Drivable tanks

Posted by Skornogr4phy
FalckonEthas announced that their mod will include drivable tanks:

"Our coder JaquboSS that also is working on PoP, have succesfully made drivable tanks,that is able to use Main turret! With drivable i really mean drivable!"

More info Here

El-Kef Map Fix

Posted by foonr

El-Kef, a map by prolific map maker Marko, has received a spawn script fix due to a bug in an earlier version.

Here's what Marko had to say:

"A spawn issue was reported on the El Kef map, when the village wall is blown.

Axis who had set their spawn manually at the forwad spawn flag could still spawn there, behind allied troups which is very unfair.

TWL Prophet helped me set up a fix script for ETPRO servers that will be required to run the map correctly in competitions. Download the following file and put it in the etpro custom scripts directory."

The script fix can be downloaded here.

More information >>


www.et-configs.com is reopened

Posted by Gotenks
www.et-configs.com has been reopened to the et-community after beign down for a month and a half. We thank everyone for their support and making et-configs.com the number 1 config site. Chat in the forums and get help with cfg's or submit your work of art in the submit section. There are 46 pages of configs at this time with details and such included in each. so get on and start posting cheesey

much <3 to all the supporters

-the screenshots will be back up sometime this week for all the old cfg's

we are also in dire need for idlers on our new irc channel
on quakenet

thanks again all, have fun smile

admin list
zazeem - ownor and site admin
goomba - forum admin

GamersDatabase ET Cup

Posted by Nail

Ok, ladies and gentlemen, as you may have guessed Gamersdatabase is going to host a cup.
It will be a 6on6 cup and the signups start today.
At the moment there should be space for 32 signups, so dont wait too long. However, if there are way more than 32, we could always enlarge the cup.

It should be interesting due to the maplist and beatiful prizes like:

First place winners get to choose between the two prizes below + double pack of skatez for 7 People from 1moregame.co.uk

14 man ET Server + TS2 Server + 3 months Web Hosting from blogdome.com

A 5Gb FTP + TS2 Server + £20 voucher to spend on their site from xtreme-Lan.com

To signup you will need to have your team registered on our the site and an IRC channel. All players that will play for a clan must be registered and added to that clan.

Once you have done that your leader can request to join the ET cup (more info here) We are also looking for some match admins, you can email us, @ and give us some info about yourself.

All Rules + other info are here.
If you have anymore questions dont hesitate, u can always ask them on irc, forum or email smile

The games will start in the weekend of 8/9th of October. Gl&Hf and may the best clan win!

We've listened to the ET community and this is the map list we've come up with. I hope you all agree on it:)

ETTV coverage shouldn't be a problem. We have no confirmed shoutcasters atm. If you want to be one plz contact g-man platinum or unblind on IRC and we will look through your shoutcasting history smile


Fart Spring Cup #2

Posted by unblind

About half a year ago we, the Retired Old Farts, hosted our first cup. It was fun filled and saw Camelot (Negative Image) come on top. In the meantime we have learned our organisational lessons from the cup, upped our ETTV admin skills & tuned our cup system for more visibility to the participants.

So you have probably guessed it: The time is here again! On Sunday 9 October R0F is organising its 2nd cup, infamously dubbed the Fart Fall Cup 05!

This cup takes over the good stuff from the Spring Cup. We remain focussed on sportsmanship & fun! So like the Spring Cup, the Cup has been set-up to allow both beginners and more advanced teams to compete at the same time. Beginners can gain some experience because the group phase will make sure you play at least 2 games and perhaps . if the draw is favourable . end up playing a game against a big .name. in the competitive scene. The more experienced clans will certainly meet each other in the knock out phase.

The sign-up for the Fart Spring Cup is open till 30.09.2005. If you have questions about the cup please don not hesitate to contact us in our irc channel #r0f.et or send us an email. After you register you will get a mail from us confirming your registration.

Go and signup here.

All teams already gl & hf in the cup.



El Kef competition map - final release

Posted by Nail
The final release of El KEf competition map is now available. The changes are minor but fix a few issues that were reported in the last public beta release. It's optimal for 3vs3 and 6vs6 scrims.

The map can be downloaded directly in the downloads section of

LAN Party

Posted by Nail
=ABS=Sparhawk write:

Ghostworks LAN brings you a 70 player LAN weekender in West Yorkshire - Hudderfield (7th, 8th and 9th October). On student campus, cheap digs (or stop in the communal room for free - bring sleeping bag). The student bar is beneath the main hall so beer isn't a problem (you can also bring your own - all in moderation of course). Pizza run on the Saturday night and a supermarket less than 0.25 miles away, everything at your door step. The last LAN rocked man believe!

The main games:

ET, CSS and BF2.

Anyone interested there are 10 places left.

Details @ ghostworks

o/ New Look (not that cheap clothes shop)

Posted by foonr

It's been a pretty good time for those of you who like their 404 errors. But now, because of our short downtime, we're back up with a nice new theme and look. Unless you're like me, who had a nice long sexy post about to go in the forums to prove someone else wrong, and then had to reboot before the 404's went away.

Enough mouth, everything is still in the same place. Who knows...maybe this won't be the last change for the mothership :>


Alpine Assault Map Released

Posted by Skornogr4phy
Alpine Assault is another map set in a snowy environment, which is suited for six to eight players on each team.

This is a quote from the makers website (Detoeni):

The Axis foe have converted an old mine works into a hidden bunker complex, where they are stockpiling weapons for a new offensive. The Top Secret Plans for this attack have also been kept at this location.

Can the Allies steal the plans and foil this dastardly attack by the enemy?

Go here for more information, and download


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