New: Enemy Territory tournament

Posted by Bane

The Tournament is about to start with a beta_campaign and right now we are in progress with making two armys, Allied vs. Axis.

If you like the words: Dedication, Teamwork, Fun, Squards, Medals and Chain of Command then you should visit our Tournement.

New map: Transmitter Beta

Posted by Bane
Another new map with good looking screenshots. It contains constructible MG's, axis doors etc.

Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2

Download links:



Thanks gecko for the submission

Beta release: Stonehenge

Posted by Bane
Stonehenge has been on our news site before, and now the moment of truth finally arrived: the first public beta version is availeble for download. The screenshots look very worthwhile. If you have played this map, please drop your comments here.

You can download the file here.

Cherbourg Reaches Final

Posted by e107

kommando has announced that his latest map called "Cherbourg" has now reached final stage and will be available for downloading later tonight on his website.

You may recall that he is making a 4 map campaign that is called "Western Europe" and has already released his "Beach" map.


New ET CustomMap - MonteCassino

Posted by bruce
Ron-007 of the EliteGroupNorth Clan finished his "Enemy Territory" map "MonteCassino" and it is now ready for the public release as final version.
After lots of weeks of development time and extensive beta testing everything seems to fit now. smile. We, the Clan, invite all people from to download/test and play our new map "MonteCassino".
Feedback would be nice to give Ron-007 the motivation to work on other maps in the future.
As small suggestion:
As a team member of we invite all interested mappers to take a look in our level designs. For beginners several video tutorials are free to download to see how mapping takes place
Direct Downloadlink the map: Link

Server IP to test:
password for the reserved slots (8): egn1
Have fun playing and write to
rewritten by bruce, due to wrong translation via altavista...

ET Pro - The Enemy Territory Competition Mod

Posted by EasyRider
A new version of ET Pro, a server-side mod for competition play, was released yesterday.
The 2.0.0 version comes with a lot of changes:

Bug/Exploit Fixes
  • Ammopacks/medpacks no longer "bounce off" players if you are too close
  • Players no longer get points for defusing dynamite near non-destroyables (a/h cabinets, doors on goldrush)
  • Spawnpoint selection during warmup is saved
  • Indoor airstrikes fixed (eg the goldrush bank vault exploit)
  • Mounted tank browning/mg42 no longer fires low
  • Heavy weapons skill >2 (reduced heating) no longer applies to sten
  • Covert ops skill >2 reduced spread no longer applies to non-covert ops classes
  • Akimbo weapons now track stats properly
  • Mistyped console commands are no longer broadcast to all players

  • Corpses and items no longer eat bandwidth when disappearing
  • Unused code removed. server takes 1.3m less memory and less cpu

  • Wounded players now take 125 damage instead of 75 to force into limbo
  • Refs who have logged in via password may pass or cancel votes by voting yes or no on a vote

    Download: (only hosts need it)
  • Sep

    Train search on Qnet

    Posted by EasyRider
    Black, the owner of the ET channel #enemy-territory represented the features of the channel in our forum:

    If your looking for an Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory PCW (Practice clan war) or help, your first stop should be Enemy-Territory @ QuakeNet.
    If you or your ET Clan need a PCW now or another day in the week, you will find it @ Enemy-Territory.
    All you need to do is join us on QuakeNet and the Bot will tell you all you need to know. Some of the features include searching through the database or adding a PCW request to the DataBase.

    Although the bot is still in a testphase, it is fully functioning.
    To read the whole post and to learn about the bot's commands visit the topic by clicking here.

    Source: Forum

    Nick Colors

    Posted by EasyRider
    I guess there are probably enough nickname generators for Quake or RTCW on the web, but there are still so many people who are new to Enemy Territory and want to know how to use colors in their nickname and what different colors they can use.

    So I decided to make a little Nick Colors generator especially for Enemy Territory.
    You can find it in the menu on the left hand side ('Nick Colors') or by clicking here.


    Greece map W.I.P.

    Posted by EasyRider
    lennyballa posted an interesting topic in the Splashdamage forums, showing some screenshots of a map he is working on:

    I'm still puzzling with the objectives and adding some detail, so i need some obj suggestions. It's about a map in the ruins of greece, and axis need to attack a villa, axis forces discovered that allies use the villa as a secret passage.


    Click to enlarge Click to enlarge
    Click to enlarge

    Main server is down

    Posted by Bane
    Update: The serverlist is working again smile

    The main server is down. That means that you cannot see the serverlist in game. You can still connect to servers by opening the console (by pressing tilde: ~) and type /connect

    If you wish to still see the serverlist, you can make use of an external browser program called the all seeing eye.

    For questions you can post something here

    Hopefully it'll be over pretty soon.


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