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Sorry, we are having some problems with the ftp server for our downloads, it will be fixed as soon as possible, thank you for your patience.

Until then you can get game files from:

maps can be found here:

Quake Wars

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4 new screenies, all with game info added to Image Gallery

RconIT - Enemy Territory server Rcon tool

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RconIT, a new Rcon tool created by Flak, Kennie and Burniole from the GameDesign-Online team, has been released to assist ET server admins.

The tool enables admins to easily issue Rcon commands to their server by the click of a button.

- Project page (with more details, screenshots etc): here
- Beta 1 available for download here

- Easily connect to an ET server, and add servers to a favorites list
- Console window to see the server response
- Issue commonly used commands such as 'lock the server', 'restart the server' etc
- Get player lists to kick and ban players by ID/Slot#, Name, GUID, or IP
- Send punkbuster commands such as 'take PB screenshot'
- Manage bans by using the Get banlist/Unban buttons

Comments/suggestions/bug reports welcome at www.GameDesign-Online.com/forums/ or in IRC #GameDesign-Online @ irc.quakenet.org

www.et-configs.com has returned

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www.et-configs.com has returned better than ever after months of being down, it has been reconstructed using flash, and the cfg submission page and viewing pages will be up most likely by the end of the day. The forums are good to go so post away if needed. There are a few things that need to be tweaked or removed such as the rtcw sound, there will be a clearer one and an on off button soon. tell us what you think, any suggestions or non rude comments please.

big thanks to S1nR-six for doing the php
~respect for making the flash site
bob for hosting

thanks everyone for you support and bugging me so its rebirth was possible.

Please idle #et-configs @ quakenet ops and permissions will be handed out first come first serve.

-zazeem :>

Enemy Territory:Quake Wars

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I've updated our ET:QW screenies, please check them out in our Image Gallery

A Warm Welcome!

Posted by foonr

I thought it was about time this site deserved a boost of energy.
Since I became a staff member in January '04, my activity on the frontpage has decreased with regards to outside interests. Cast your eyes back on the News Archive, and for many months, this site was kept at the very forefront of newsposting - even rivalling that of news site-cum-movie host sweRTCW.com. We had a great contribution from many people, resulting in a frontpage to be proud of. This was something which didn't have any of the previous day's stories on the 10 listings of that day.

However, of course things aren't the same any more unfortunately. With my appointment as site admin of Crossfire, my 'interests' have taken a far more competitive & clan orientation, which I know the vast majority of the readership for this site have no interest in. I had to ask myself: 1. Do I find this interesting? and 2) Will et.com'ers find this interesting? Sadly, the answer to both has not always been a yes.

However! One of the great bastions of this site that I am truely proud of has to be the Articles & Interviews section, which, although it hasn't quite made a justification for the word 'weekly', was created from scratch by our beloved site owner & creator EasyRider, and remains to be one of the unsung great features. I don't say this because the majority of its contribution is from me, but because the whole format is a lot more professional than the average forum post, can easily be archived, and generally earns its keep as a section. When I campaiged for its creation, I had hoped more people might want to contribute from the staff, such was the reaction to the idea. Sadly, that wasn't to be. That is rather, until now!

Friend and talented / uber / keen (del. as applicable) writer Alex "Theophany" Boni has long struck me as a person of great potential, and the fact that he is a self-confessed write-a-holic helps as well. Although I approached him and the site with the idea a few weeks back, there were a few complications with the site's software and permissions, etc etc, bla bla. Now though, everything is up and running, and I have the great pleasure in announcing the appointment of Theophany as a full weekly feature admin and newswriter. If you'd like some more information, why not visit his personal website?


SW El Kef released !

Posted by Nail
The stopwatch version of El Kef is now ready for release.
The map has had many little tweaks and structure changes which have helped balance it a lot more since the last version:

- spawn times changed from 20/25 to 15/25
- new ammo rack for allies in the first section of the map
- new side path to the objective courtyard. This should help split the defense
- added crates around command post area to provide more shelter
- woodden shelters around spawns to avoid artillery spamming
- fixed texture bugs, texture alignments, and struture bugs
- fixed the forward spawn flag issue
- changed charge bar required for shatchel-breakable objectives (1.5 Charge Bar needed now)
- removed the roof access abive the main gate courtyard to reduce defense camping

SW El Kef is now attacker friendly and should no longer provide easy full holds, mainly because axis defenses take twice as long to set up, but also because allied respawn times have been lowered.

The map file, screenshots and info can be found directly in on http://www.gamedesign-online.com/ or you can download the file by clicking directly on the link below:

Once again, I would really like to thank Burniole, and the different clans who helped with testing and bug reporting on El Kef.

Prize-based Talk-ET Cup taking signups

Posted by foonr

Time then for an update regarding the status of this, the 2nd Talk-ET cup!

Starting on January 23rd, the cup is planned to be a 32 clan single-elimination for 6v6. We debated whether to use double elimination, but came to the conclusion it'd run better this way. Makes the competition more interesting we like to think suprised>

The two finalists of the last cup, AngelDust and SKIT-EVIL qualify by default, with the remaining 30 spaces to be filled with clans who wish to sign up and play. Our resident self-proclaimed Northern genius vowel is in place to check the credibility of sign-ups, in order to keep drop-outs to an absolute minimum.

As for prizes:

* A 3 months free "lightning-fast" gameserver
* A 6 months free voice server

...provided by

Sign-ups are now open.

Web | IRC


'Price of Peace' is not going to happen for ET!

Posted by Nail
"PoP is moving its primary efforts to the Source engine."

//Erik "dime1622" Johnson



ETPower Mod, Version 0.5

Posted by Gotenks


I am pleased to announce that ETPower Mod Version 0.5 has been released. This is a mod designed to help you admin your server while helping to provide a fun environment for your visitors. Your server must be running etpro version 3.2.4 or newer. With LUA coding you do not need to have shell access, yet you get allmost all the features you could want.

A few of the newer features included are:

  • AutoShuffle - Maintain team balance to ensure teams don't get out of with excessive wins.

  • LockSpec - Lock a trouble maker into the spectator.

  • Alarm - Lets your clients know when they have played for a certain amount of time.

  • Say_Admin - Talk with all the Power Users on the server using this command.

  • Private Messaging by slot number.

  • Shuffle Lock - Lock teams for x minutes after a shuffle, prevent people from team-stacking.

  • AutoBalance - Maintain equal team sizes.

  • Name and Clan-tag protection - Protect your regular users/clan members names and tags.

  • Server CVAR checking - Allow users to check server settings, does not return passwords.

There is a full list of settings and options at http://etpower.no-ip.org. I have a forum setup for feedback and very well defined instructions on how to set up.


Username or Email:


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