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Downloads should once again be working, thank you

Fritz Bot

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Maleficus tells us
Fritz Bot, a bot mod for Enemy Territory, is finally available.

A short Fritzbot ET Feature List:

1. Objectives:
+ Constructions
+ Steal
+ Deliver
+ Flags
+ Dynamite
+ Command Posts

2. Game Sense:
+ Objective priorities
+ Event awareness and response
+ Offensive and Defensive "phases"

3. Combat:
+ Use all of their weapons (class based and personal) effectively to
fight you.
+ Use and understand grenades.
+ Use and understand every trick in the ET book on how to fight your


RconIT Version 1.00 Release!

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Version 1.00 of the server administration tool "RconIT" was released today by Flak, Kennie and Burniole from the GameDesign-Online team! RconIT allows admins to easily issue a wide range of Rcon commands to their Enemy Territory server and now includes many new features such as:

- A multi-language selection feature with the ability to save your preferences - Choose from English, French, German, or Dutch
- An 'Are you sure?' dialog box - no 'my finger slipped' excuses now!
- Use a vast array of 'Game Play' and referee commands to control Teams, Maps, Campaigns, and General/Other Settings
- 'Fun' commands to change game cvars such as g_gravity, b_wolfrof, g_knifeonly etc. with the ability to reset all these commands with one 'master reset' button when you get bored!
- Kick and ban players by ID/Slot#, Name, GUID, or IP, with the ability to add a reason, and a kick/ban duration

(Check out 'Read More' for a full list)

RconIT is available for download here, and more info and screenshots can be found here

As usual, comments/suggestions are always welcome at GameDesign-Online Forums or in IRC #GameDesign-Online @"


The missing links

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Well after a little work I believe everything should be back to normal, if you DO notice any problems feel free to post them on the forum.

One notable change is the removal of the chatbox from the menu, you can still get into it by clicking the link but after a few complaints about the level of content there and a possible health risk to poor Z-Man who seemed to spend most of his day helping people out there, I decided to hide it unless there is a majority vote to bring it back in the *new* poll.

Also, for now you can choose between the old, much less attractive style or the new snazzy futuristic theme under your profile options.

However you prefer the site we would like to welcome you all back and as always encourage you to read the FAQ before doing anything ;p

Linux ET minimzer

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This is something for all linux users out there..

Thanks to Larsson who has developed a program allowing *nix users to minimize ET (and a plethora of other games) easily much in the same way as ETmin or q3min for m$ users.
Aside from Wolf ET, et switch also supports 21 other games available to linux users.

You can download build 0.1.8 in our download section

Alternatively check the site for the latest version


ET: Tactics -- A New etpub Mini Mod

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ET: Tactics -- A New ET Mini Mod

If the shooting and aiming aspect of ET is very important to you, then stop reading here.

Otherwise, if the teamwork and objective aspect is why you like ET, and if you like Role Playing Games (RPGs) or Real-Time Tactics (RTT) games, then continue reading.

As some of you have noticed, I've added a new game mode to etpub called Tactics (setting g_tactics to 1). The goal of this mode is to move all of the focus in ET to the tactics and teamwork each team uses to win the objective. There are two major changes ET needs to do this:

1. Make aiming a non-issue. Like RPGs, RTT, and even Real-Time Strategy games, the computer will do the aiming. You just look in the general direction of the target and fire. The aiming will be perfect headshot aiming, however whether or not you hit the target will be decided randomly. It will be based on either your light weapons or heavy weapons skill (for the mobile MG42), the weapon being used, the distance to the target, and the battle sense of the player being shot at. If their battle sense is much higher than your weapon skill, you will miss more often, or get less headshots.

The point isn't to make ET easier for all the n00bs, it's to make it completely balanced when it comes to aiming. NO ONE will have an advantage. Dodging, strafing, and manually aiming will all be useless. Instead hiding, planning, sneakiness, etc., in other words Tactics, will be critical.

This will make aiming easier for some, and harder for others, but the same all around.

This has already been added, and now needs testing for balance and bugs.

New Staff

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We would like to welcome Z-Man as the newest member of the staff

Quakewars Preview on 1Up

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A new question and answer preview has been conducted by about the upcoming Splash Damage and iD Software game, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. Richard Jolly, Art Director for Splash Damage answered questions about the game.

1UP: What would you say is the main approach behind the look of the game?

Richard Jolly, Art Director, Splash Damage Ltd.: The driving factor was the game's setting and back-story. Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars is set before QUAKE II, during the first stages of the Strogg invasion of Earth in 2065. As a futuristic multiplayer combat game with vehicles, it portrays the battles, raids and skirmishes that turned the tide, saved planet Earth and made QUAKE II and QUAKE 4's retaliation attack against Planet Stroggos possible. Splash Damage started with id Software's own back-story, and then our writer, Edward Stern, worked with id Software to flesh out the political, social and economic events leading up to where we join the game -- this gave us a strong footing for establishing the look.

QUAKE II featured shotguns and pistols -- clearly little technological progress was made on Earth in the proceeding fifty years. Earth underwent a series of disasters, both natural and man-made, and these required a global rapid-relief paramilitary disaster force. Just as humanity is recovering and rebuilding, and the wastelands and war-zones are starting to get overgrown with weeds and new life, the Strogg arrive.

So this somewhat ragged Global Defence Force (GDF) has to hare around reacting to each new threat and opportunity.

This back-story gave us a lot: we knew we weren't creating a shiny new effortless future where everyone wears white and flies around in shiny jetpacks. It is a desperate place -- twice-battle-scarred, covered in cracked concrete and rusting re-bars, with little or no infrastructure that hasn't been abandoned or patched-up. The aesthetic is quite demanding on art production as we have to build everything first, and then blow it up or dilapidate it. However, it's a great theme to do variations on; it always gives you somewhere to go with a design. It really helped shape the environments and GDF (human) team.

The Rest of the Article can be read here.

Quake Wars

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6 more pics added to the Previews in our Image Gallery


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Downloads should now be working properly
Thank You


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