IMPORTANT: For ET - Patch 2.60 and Mac Client Released!

Posted by foonr

No, you are not having an early April fools joke, this is for real. There is a new Enemy Territory patch and Mac Conversion available to download as of today courtesy of Splash Damage. Enough of me. Imperative: Read.

"We are pleased to announce the release of Patch 2.60 for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory™. This patch includes optimisations and addresses new client and server issues found since the release of 1.03. There's also extended mod-maker support and a Mac client available!

All existing players and server administrators should install the patch - see the included ReadMe for a list of ‘What’s New’ and installation instructions. Note that after you have updated, you will only be able to play on servers that are also running the updated version. If not, you may receive a ‘protocol’ error.

You can download it from our Downloads Page. Other mirrors are available here. Feel free to leave us feedback on our Forums.

Our thanks go to the ETPro mod team for all their work on this patch and to Brad Oliver at Aspyr for the Mac client, plus of course id Software, Activision and the beta testers for providing the resources and support to make this patch for a free game possible!

Download the goodness here!

Source: Necuz cheesey

Download from our servers:

  • Enemy Territory 2.60 Mac Installer (252.27 MB)
  • Enemy Territory 2.60 patch for Linux (7.91 MB)
  • Enemy Territory 2.60 patch for Windows (5.41 MB)

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    Had enough of adverts?

    Posted by foonr

    Today, at home, I finally got around to writing something that I had been meaning to do for sometime. No, it wasn't my Chemistry coursework, it was a new article for the Weekly Features section. It concerns a subject which can become rather heated if the right (or is it wrong) people become involved. That's right, Firefox. Nevertheless, even if you are a devout Internet Explorer user (I sure hope web filters don't block out IE!), I would hope that you would learn something from my article. Thats because it isn't about which browser is better. No, nothing like it. Instead, step-by-step, and methodically, I show you how to remove and block all advertising on the internet, plus popups and any other random images you don't like. That's right, can actually be seen advert free *insert gasp here*. If you enjoy it, and even if you don't, please be encouraged to leave a comment at the bottom of the article page. Just a note about the formatting...its not great, but nothing I could do about it! A little extract below:

    "Firefox is under 5mb. Once downloaded, the installation is very simplistic, and holds your hand every step of the way. It's time to run Firefox for the first time. Just a couple of things to note. Firstly, what you used to know as Favourites in IE (I will call Internet Explorer 'IE' from now on, and Firefox 'FF') are called bookmarks in FF. Secondly, FF is completely customizable. Layout, colour, even menus can be changed and moulded to fit your preferences. Thirdly, you have the option to import all your old IE settings into FF with the click of a mouse. This includes bookmarks.

    Now, FF alone won't cure your advert problems by itself. It does however have a built in popup blocker, and under it I haven't seen a single popup for nearly 8 months now. To go the extra mile and block everything you want to, you need to download a small but immensely useful and loved plug-in called Adblock. It, and many other neat plugins (called extensions) can be found at the Mozilla Addons page."

    Read the full article here!


    Bacerace beta3

    Posted by foonr
    Bacerace b3 is about to be released soon by CptnTriscuit. Here are some changes since the last version:
    From CptnTriscuit's site

    - The random terrain system has been 'reverted' to static trenches, very similar to those in beta1/beta1b.
    - The construction system has been completely reworked to overcome some game limitations. Read More
    - Rocketguns can now be damaged, repaired, and must be restocked periodically.
    - Many new constructions and upgrades such as the Scoreboard and the Armory, an operations building for soldiers.
    - Many new synergy bonuses encouraging the construction of specialized bases.
    - Text pop-ups on all Capture Pads with info about their constructions.

    To see more about his site visit CptnTriscuit's Bacerace site

    ET Mod: ETF Mapping News

    Posted by foonr
    ETF, the popular ET mod is the focus of several recent and upcoming mapping projects. Most notably, Soldier trick jump map by VilePickle. It comprises of 3 different courses:
    1. Green - Relatively easy, and a good place to start.
    2. Yellow - More difficult, taking more time to master
    3. Red - "Sorts the men from the boys" Provides a challenge for even jumping masters

    Screenshots below:.

    (Click to Enlarge)

    A download link for the map is available here

    Whilst on the subject of ETF mapping, here are some of the future maps announced that will be released soon:

    *Urban Warfare

    CFG Maker Tool Released

    Posted by foonr

    Not content at just making mods, sound packs and guides, Miguel Nunes has devoted his recent time to make a downloadable CFG maker. It is self explanatory really, just download, select all the options you want and it will create a CFG for you, holding your hand every step of the way. In-case I've befuddled you with information, here are some screenshots:

    (Click to Enlarge)

    Download the tool here (nUllSkillZ @


    ET Mod: ET Update Mod: The Master's Edition 2

    Posted by foonr

    If you like to tweak your ET into looking a bit different, but not to go as far as perhaps other ET mods as ETF or True Combat: Elite, Miguel Nunes has got just the solution for you in the form of his latest mod, which has been named ET Update mod - The Masters Edition 2. A lot of the menu looks and loading screen have been changed, plus a few items in-game. Also, emphasis has been placed on adding realism, most notably to insignia. This means that such images as Swastikas are included, technically rendering the mod illegal in Germany. Anyhoo, i've taken the 'best' screenshots available for you to have a look at:

    (Click to Enlarge)

    Click here for what's new in this release.

    Download ET Update mod - The Masters Edition 2 here


    ET Mod: True Combat: Elite Progress

    Posted by foonr

    Traumahawk of Team Terminator, makers of the popular ET mod, True Combat: Elite has announced that he is working on re-modelling the current players to reflect true 3-D skins while adding depth to the previous 2-D accessories. Right now, the assault class for Special Ops is "nearing completion", and the other classes will be finished shortly. He also writes:

    "The final concept will involve fully modeled players with equipment specific to each class. All players now have new faces that are uniquely TC:E. The terrorists will also have new facial accessories and skins.

    In the meantime, here is a sample of my current skinning and modeling project. The following have been added to the assault class uniform:

    -Radio mounted on rear of vest
    -Communications interface box
    -Boom headset extension
    -Shotgun shell holder on vest
    -Two additional 3D pouches on vest
    -Grenade belt relfecting class loadout
    -Dark goggles have been added with reflection shader
    -Left side equipment pouch for knife, ammo, etc.
    -Right let holster (to be added)
    -3D knee pads (to be added)

    To give some idea of what all that meant, take a look at these new screenshots:

    (Click to Enlarge)

    More information here


    New trickjumping map!

    Posted by foonr

    I have made new trickjumping map for Enemy Territory
    Name of map is Funhouse trickjump.

    -custom jumps
    -some new jumps from railgun, fueldump and oasis

    You can download it from here:

    screenshots here:

    I hope that you tell about my new map and add download link to your website, thanks!

    ET Maps: Glider Assault 2.1.0 & ChocoJump

    Posted by foonr

    Follow today's tradition of rolling two news posts into one, I have here for 'ye some new mapping screenshots () that'll hopefully inspire you to go download them and 'check 'em out.

    First up we have Glider Assault 2.1.0.

    Download the map here

    Secondly, a trickjump map called Chocojump.

    Download the map here

    Finally, a massive thank you to and for all the sources


    LotR Skins and Weapon Mods

    Posted by foonr

    A bit of useless news to come now (yes I know, when have I ever posted anything useful...haha ). Two releases rolled into one news item, make of them what you will.

    1) 'Carryable' Browning MG Mod

    As the title suggests, it simply takes the MP40 & Thompson and replaces it with the Browning model, as well as changing the gun sounds. Note the fire-rate and ammo capabilities are not changed. Sounds pointless to me but who am I to speak? Only screenshot that seems to be available without me downloading it (don't even ask) is available below.

    Download the weapon mod here

    2) Lord of the Rings Skinpack

    Ever wanted to go dancing around Supply Depot 2 dressed as Gandalf or a happy little medic-orc? No, nor have I, but now you can folks ,thanks to this skin pack. Simply download it and unzip to your etmain folder, making note of the name in the likely occurrence you feel the urge to delete 30 seconds later. Just in case you wanted to laugh without the download wait, here are a few elf-shots:

    Download the skinpack here (


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