ET Mod: BaconET

Posted by foonr

BaconET is a new mod for ET from -bacon-, and draws from the best bits of ETPro, Shrub, and a little bit of it's own originality. Some of the unique features include:

- New player class: Commander (cvar: b_commander).
- Classes all get a special ability (command: special).
- Chargebars don't reset upon death (cvar: b_charge).
- Improved HUD.
- Console can display centred text (command: bcp).
- Players with the home clantag cannot be kicked/muted (cvar: b_clantag).
- Admins can set protection time (cvar: b_protection).

Regarding 'special abilities', they will be as follows:

Engineer. The engineer has been given a jetpack (using the +salute command).
Field Ops. The field ops can intercept enemy communication.
Covert Ops. The covert ops can go invisible.
Players who are using their special abilities face a number of physical penalties until they turn them off. They also cannot talk to anybody.
The commander class is without a primary weapon in this release. He will have a new weapon in the next one. As well, his slot6 weapon will be finished.

BaconET Forums

Download v.2.0-test here


Shrub Updated!

Posted by foonr
Thanks e-t.com staff

Hello all ET fans. My name is Ryan and I am the maker of shrubmod for Enemy Territory. Many people though shrub was dead because I hadn't updated it for quite a long time indeed. Unfortunately, real life events
events caught up with me. However the recent ET Patch 2.60 has inspired me to release a new version of shrub, especially as I see a window of opertunity to overtake ETPro as the leading mod for ET, but most importantly
to become the new undisputed competition mod. I've talked to the admins at Clanbase and Warleages, and it looks like within the next few weeks the first games of shrub should start to take place.
Perhaps you would like to know what is in the new release! Look here:

- Custom hit sounds with g_hitsounds
- Customisable "neutral" zones around spawn
- New anti-lag
- Advanced spectator mode with customisable time-delay and remote broadcasting
-New aimbot and wallhack detection methods stop all current cheats
-Invisibility mode for admins
-Poison gas with green shaders
-Voice communication now possible for each server
-Mines can be converted to become powerups
-Now uses Direct3D, not OpenGL
-Automatic Shrubbot config made via a Simple GUI
-Self Setup system for servers

Download the update (priority to competition players) here

I hope you enjoy it! Long live shrubmod, the best mod in ET!

ET.com celebrates a milestone: 150 000+ members!

Posted by JamesBOMB

Since this web site began back in April 2003 we have had a huge amount of traffic. What started out as a place to talk about this great game has evolved into one of the top information and resource sites about Enemy Territory on the net!

Many many players have started their ET gaming adventure by sifting through our pages. Some have even made lasting friendships. But the greatest thing about it is that this community is still growing!

So to celebrate all of you (the users) who make this community what it is, I thought I'd give you all an overview of the forum and how it is used.


Some Fast Forum Facts

- Total number of posts: 52 692

- Total number of topics: 6 164

- Average number of posts per day: 47.18

- Average number of topics per day: 5.52

- Average number of users online per day: 123.93

- OpenGL questions per day: 10 to the power of infinity

- Number of new users who get told to read the manual: 10 to the power of infinity minus this one guy who never figured out how to post a question

- Number of users who still think they have to pay us for this game: 7 (I'm not kidding, I buy a new car every month from... nevermind.)

- Times our female users have posted their pictures and NOT been asked on a date: 0 (sadly it seems a few little boys are so very very lonely)

- Number of times the moderators have been committed to psychiatric institutions after a rough day of answering the same questions over and over on the forum (but lets not talk about that... I still have to go back for my prescriptions...)

11 most viewed threads

- Scripts more than 29 573 views

- The Server List is Broken?! more than 20 962 views

- Tactics more than 10 912 views

- Aiming more than 6 082 views

- ET Unofficial Strategy Guide 5 998 more than views

- I'm the best... more than 5 212 views

- How to start making maps more than 4 585 views

- Player/Clan looking for Clan/Player more than 4 472 views

- Jokes Thread more than 3 797 views

- To all those whose ET crashes apon clicking 'Playing Online' more than 3 445 views


Most active section

Undeniably our Help, Problems, and Questions section (2 435 threads and 12 705 posts... wow!) gets the most traffic as we are probably the best place for new players to come and get the basic idea of this game.

(PS. I had written this 3 weeks ago when we were about to hit 145 000 members and many of these numbers have changed. But the fact remains, this site is alive and kicking and still remains one of the best and friendliest places on the net to discuss ET.)


Must See Action: Roisot vs Helix Clanbase Eurocup XI

Posted by foonr

There's a bit of a hot ET match on the way tomorrow, Thursday 31st March. Here's what's in store:

Roistot vs.  Helix
 Enemy Territory Stopwatch

Date: Thursday, March 31st, 2005 at 7:00PM GMT (BST)
Caster: TosspoT
League: EuroCup XI Enemy Territory
TV: www.xfire.be

And as Radio iTG write, "Following their 4-2 Victory over Roistot beaters u96d, helix are suddenly a hot topic! Was it a one off, or do these boys have what it takes to become another German superpower? Roistot need the victory, so it should prove to be a cracking match"

Hopefully xfire.be will be back online to post ETTV details, if not I'll check on Clanbase and ETTV.org (down ^_^) and post them here.

Missed it? Grab the demos!


FalckonET need Beta testers!

Posted by Nail
We are now looking for beta testers! If you want to participate in the upcoming beta test,then now is the time to sign up.

BBQ Server-Side Admin 'Bot'

Posted by meez

I've just been informed of a new server-side admin 'bot', and Kennie pestered me to post it here. The bot looks like it could be a very big hit with server admins, even in this early devlopment stage.

Marko: "BBQ bot is a server side application that I developed with Kennie to help in server administration. It runs directly on the game server and analyses the game output on a regular basis. It then parses the output to either send actions back to the server, or sends information to and IRC channel.

The bot can run under windows and linux."

And the current featurelist for the bot (as found here):

- close to real-time analysis of the game output in order to act or send information to an IRC channel with very short delays
- low performance hit on the game server due to extremely light code
- IRC interface to print server events and remotly control the bot
- Anti swear system to strike when players swear and automatically kick them after 3 swears
- alert system, to customize text strings that have to be found in player chats to call alerts in the IRC channel (lets players report spawn killers, bad players, uneven teams and any server problem when admins aren't available)
- direct rcon commands to the server via IRC interface. This feature is password protected and the bot control password can be changed easily
- trace game events such as players connecting / disconnecting, name changes and map changes
- bot control via IRC to change the IRC behaviour of the bot
- auto reconnect on PART or KICK from IRC channel
- trace new events such as frags and dynamite planted / defused

Go to the forum thread here, and/or go download it from here.


ET Mod: etpub 0.3.1 Released

Posted by foonr

The latest release of etpub has been released thanks to tjw, Zaedyn kindly informs us. etpub is a mod which seeks to take over from the widely believed dead mod, shrubet.

Some of the new features include:

*ET 2.60 compatibility (no crash on Radar, kicks / bans work)
*Greatly improved antilag/antiskip.
*Stability upgrades for problematic maps
*Better hitboxes
*Double jump added
*Added admin commands (!warn, !slap, !burn, etc...)

The complete feature list is even bigger!

View the changelog here

Download the mod here


ETF and ET 2.60 bugfix

Posted by foonr
Posted by LaVaGoD

I want to make a post letting everyone know we are aware of the issues since the release of the new ET patch and we are working diligently to get a fix released (we are also looking into get a Mac client built too).

If you have upgraded to the new ET patch and no longer can find a game using the in game browser then I would suggest using The All Seeing Eye to find a pub game until we can resolve the issue.

We apologize for any heartache or troubles this might have caused you and we ask you to please be patient with us while we work on the fix.

ETF Homepage

CFG Maker Tool Updated

Posted by foonr

Scroll down this page a bit and you will find the below post. The CFG Makertool has been updated to version 2 following feedback and comments, the download link is available at the bottom. Original post:

"Not content at just making mods, sound packs and guides, Miguel Nunes has devoted his recent time to make a downloadable CFG maker. It is self explanatory really, just download, select all the options you want and it will create a CFG for you, holding your hand every step of the way. In-case I've befuddled you with information, here are some screenshots:"

(Click to Enlarge)

Download the updated tool here


Omni-Bot First Release

Posted by foonr

Omni-bot is the latest AI bot project for ET, and attempts to go where Bobots and other such mods have gone before, if not further. Why, well, this is the first ever engine/mod independant bot, meaning it works for not only ET but also ETF, the popular ET mod. It might be useful to realise that this is the first public beta release ever, so glitches are certain to be a plenty. More news and information can be found on their forums.

*Update* The website is now back up, thanks for notifying me of this. You can visit the Omni-Bot website at omni-bot.com

This mod also comes with the command "/bot help" which will display all available commands when typed in the console. I personally welcome this feature, because it means people don't need to come running to the help forum when they can't work out how to turn on their computers. Actually, that's wishful thinking...

Get Omni-Bot here


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