M8D's Friday Frag Festival!

Posted by foonr


The trademark "It's FRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!" cry has gone out, which can only mean one thing!
Yes, the famous weekly Friday Frag Festival is taking place again today on the M8D International game servers, and the M8D IRC channel #m8d on Quakenet. Be sure not to miss the jewel in the crow of the event, #M8D Radio!

Everyones favourite noDJ Komatsu will be chatting with the UK ET captain for the Nations Cup, with my personal idol Rene (rG) ,congratulating nl Frop from Eurocup winning clan U96 Dasboot basking in the glory over fi Parodia. Add to that having the full scoop of ferus' decision to leave U96D and the schedule is a cracking one indeed!

"And there is also another bonus!" My very own clanmate SkyD will be embarassing himself with a rendition of Spice Girls - Wannabe. And if you missed his singing of Peter Andre last week, you better not miss it this time!

M8D Radio tonight starting at 19:00 CET.
M8D Radio using windows media player: Listen
M8D Radio using winamp: Listen


Battle of Wolken 3 B4

Posted by foonr
After several months of work chris has finally finished the current version of his ET map, Battle of Wolken 3 (Axis Stike).
The map takes place in the mythical land of Wolken where islands of many climates float around in what appears to be clouds, offering a dangerous battlefield to fight in.

Map Info

The map is set in the land of Wolken a very strange place indeed, in this installment Axis forces are attempting to steal documentation on Wolken from the Allies.

Download the map from here or from:


There is also a short player guide to the map here.

Full information can be found at the Wolken 3 webpage

New Enemy Territory Configs Released

Posted by Nail
Following weeks of determination and co-ordination with top leagues such as TeamWarfare (TWL) and Cyberathlete Professional League (CAL), ClanBase's ET team now releases its latest official set of configs.

With the release of a long awaited ET 2.6 patch and the best ETPro to date, ClanBase was able to create fairer competition based configs that show ET in it's finest form. Working with ET players, high and low; we have combined the best of opinion into configs that will be used globally in many leagues and competitions. So what's new?

Neelix Campaign Creator

Posted by EasyRider
The Neelix Community designed a Campaign Creator for Enemy Territory. The Creator is written in Java and runs on Windows, Linux and OS. All you need is a valid Java installation on your pc. Its still a beta release, but should work in most cases.

Get the tool:
Download at ET.com
http://neelix.be (Java Webstart)


ingame.et goes gods.inc.cup

Posted by darklight
A few days ago we announced our new homepage and said that other great things will happen within the next days and weeks.

After planetwolfenstein.de was closed, some rumors about the future of the infamous ingame.et-cup spread.

New map! Base 47

Posted by darklight
A new map has been announced by Steel Rat, which looks very promising indeed. It is a smallish map, with two objectives which he says should provide some very tight gaming. It looks good, and here is the link to the page:

Splash Damage

There will also be a release party for it on SRC@ A download will be posted for it on that page at a later date.

TC: NA Interview with Jace

Posted by foonr

A nice interview took place between TrueCombat North America, and one of the TC:E mappers Jace recently, providing much interesting substance and subject areas such as the future of maps within the mod, speculation on realism and even a few mapping tips from the experts. It went a little something like this:

Many players who follow your work know you best for your Q3TC (and soon to be TCE crossover) map, Bahamut. Can you tell us a little bit about what you have planned for this map in TCE?

I have redesigned some areas of Bahamut to fit better with the intended VIP mission. The scripting will be implemented by coroner , audio ambiance by Airon , new hi-res textures and map models galore. We're also working on getting an SA80 included in the weapon loadout with big help from ISM and Ian . The action should be very fast and furious.



Punkbuster busts itself

Posted by foonr

Got PB errors today? Maybe empty CD key errors? Or just plain banned from most servers for no reason. We've got the reason, and the fix.

Earlier today, Evenbalance released PB client v1.184, which ingeniously caused clients (that's you) to delete their cdkeys, which a lot of servers didn't like and so banned you for. Luckily, some bright spark reminded the guys in one size fits all tracksuits in front of their pcs that April Fools day past some time ago, and now a newever version has been released which rectifies this. If your ET has not auto updated, you need to manually update. To learn how to do this, read the FAQ listing


Win the race of the bases

Posted by foonr

Its a race, to build your base! Steal Construction Materials from your enemy's base and secure them at the various 'Capture Pads' located in your team's base. Different capture pads correspond to different base constructions and upgrades, so be sure to think about where you secure your Construction Materials. Capture Pads can be used multiple times to upgrade constructions. Also, constructions can be 'synergized' by completing combinations of other constructions. The first team to complete all 40 constructions or have the most completed when the timer runs out wins!

That's the basics of the Baserace maps by CptnTriscuit, in which the aim is to construct your base using stolen enemy parts, while at the same time stopping the enemy from doing the opposite. Understandably, the map itself can become slightly complicated, not to mention the unfamiliar style of CTF (capture the flag) gamestyle in ET.

Because of this, CptnTriscuit has written a quite brilliant and extensive guide to all the maps, not just for the latest release B3, which should help some of you players new to the maps out there. Here is the layout to the guide:

Topics: Base Race Basics - Constructions - Synergies - Base Configurations

Constructions: Walls - Tower - Gate - Spawn - Engineering - Armory - Medical - Tactical

Homepage @ Baserace


Warleagues Config Changes

Posted by foonr
Some changes have taken place to the Warleagues config, so if your team is active or planning to enter the competition this will be of some importance to you.

The change takes place when the summer season starts (TBA) and will apply to ALL RTCW leagues and ladder games.

The new cvar values are

pb_sv_cvar rate in 15000 25000
pb_sv_cvar cl_timenudge in 0
pb_sv_cvar cl_maxpackets in 60 100

These settings will be evaluated in a few months time based on the experience and feedback from the community.



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