Urban Terror for ET goes down...

Posted by unblind
The guys over at urbanterror.net has decided NOT to port UrT 3.7 for ET. Instead they will focus on the developement of a new game called Mercenary-X.

From UrbanTerror.net:

In May, 2004 a group of Silicon Ice Development members including Twentyseven, RabidCow, Bladekiller, HighSea and myself created a company called Frozen Sand, LLC. This company was a separate entity from SID, which was a team only in name. At the time of formation, we began working on a concept demo called Mercenary-X using Enemy Territory. It was our hopes we would present it to game companies and potentially secure contract work or the chance to work on our own unique game.


How To Make Scripted Camera's.

Posted by meez

schoft has written a tutorial on how to make scripted camera's for enemy territory. This is a very handy skill to learn for movie makers. Want that cool intro scene but can't get it smooth? Then look no further. Smooth camera's cause your movie to look much more professional, obviously smile

Take me to the Scripted Camera Tutorial


Interview with Lanz

Posted by foonr

Domination Due to the recent surge of interest in one of ET's oldest mods, Powerball, I decided to have a chat with its creator se Lanz about life in general, the mod, and the upcoming release of Powerball mk2, named Domination . Here's a little extract:

So with this second chance, as you say, where would you ideally like to see this new named mod (Domination) go, or achieve?

Well, I would love for it to become a compliment for clans that want something different from the useful sw matches, and of course see it being actively played on public servers. I would also like to add more gametypes to it, I've got a couple of new ideas for the mod already.


Yeah, that's my own background and I've always loved competitive play.

Read the full interview here


Gamers Database Ladders

Posted by unblind
In under 2 weeks the GamersDatabase Ladders will open, the games included are BattleField 2, Call Of Duty, COD: United Offence, Counter Strike, CS.Source, Enemy Territory, ET Powerball and Return To Castle Wolfenstein.The ladders aim to provide a unique competitive experience for each game each with their own set of rules which all can be found here.
The ladders also allow for a range of custom maps to be played if clans wish to do so, the full map list that clans may choose from are included in the game specific rules here.

The ladders will also be using server configs specially created for GamersDatabase which also can be found in the game specific rules here.
There is still spots available for your clan to enter if you wish to do so I suggest popping on over to the sign up page.

I hope you find the ladders a good experience and wish good luck to all clans taking part.


48 Hours of ET for Cancer Research

Posted by foonr

genGz' 48 Hour ET Marathon Attempt In Aid Of Cancer Research UK!

You may remember about a year ago there was a vision, some might say a dream to play ET for 48 hours straight in aid of Cancer Research, led by one man alone: Tiberiumbo. The event was a massive success, raising close to £100, and considering it was staged with very little warning, people responded highly gratuitously. Tiberiumbo lasted a full 37 hours, citing inexperience and a massive sugar overdose as the reason.

Now though the event is going to be re-created, on a much grander scale. Scheduled to start Friday July 29th, and sponsored by #M8D, M8D International Radio, #uQ-Gaming and GamersDatabase.com, Tiberiumbo (now known as genGz) is hoping that this attempt will be even more successful than the previous go. What's more, as revealed in a recent interview with Komastu, genGz has been in 'training' to ensure he lasts the full 48 hours.

Round the clock live coverage and build up will be available on M8D radio, a huge 50 slot public teamspeak server provided by uQ, and a live webcam session will all be provided, in addition to exciting other prospects which will be revealed soon on the official website.

More information can be found at 48Hours, #xytogen and through the following sponsors:


M8D International Friday Frag Festival

Posted by Nail
The time you all have been waiting for is here: The long awaited for M8D International Friday Frag Festival is back !
M8D FFF is a prize competition for the highest XP.
This time the M8D FFF comes with a twist!
We have some new partners with exiting prizes to be won aswell the former FFF campaign is now gone and replaced with a custom FFF Map made by the well known map maker Loffy especially for this purpose.
This will be mayhem! This is the new and improved Friday Frag Festival!

Friday Frag Festival
Date: Friday, 1st July 2005
Time: 21:00 CET
IRC Channel: #m8d
Map: M8D Friday Frag Festival
Shoutcast: M8D Radio

More information such as rules, prizes, IP´s, map download and more TBA soon on www.m8d.org.

Meanwhile visit our FFF partners:
PYP3 Industry
QPAD Pro Gaming Gear

NationsCup VIII Finals!

Posted by foonr

By the time Sunday draws to a close, the event with more scandal than Rebecca Loos will draw to a close, having crowned either Hungary or Estonia champions of this NationsCup VIII. So far we've seen forfeit wins, full holds, spam, even teams coming back from the dead (remember Hungary were at one point disqualified), however nothing can mask the fact that this has been an extremely enjoyable competition to follow.

Coming up tonight we have the actual final, and on Sunday my beloved UK team (<3 Rene):

Finals - 29th June
Match: Hungary vs Estonia
Time: 20:00 GMT 21:00 CET
ETTV: Information

3rd Place Bronze Match - 3rd July
United Kingdom vs Belgium
Time: 29/6 20:00 GMT 21:00 CET
ETTV: Information

More info at Clanbase >> Be sure to tune in!


ETF 1.5 Beta 2

Posted by foonr

ETF 1.5 Beta2 has been released to fix some of the bugs found in the previous Beta version. To apply, you must unzip the file to your ET directory.

You can get the file from here


+ Fixed team markers
+ Fixed linux crashing when unable to load omni-bot
+ teamcoloured quad glow for player, grenades and grenade explosion
+ give armor now gives maximum armor based on class
+ added a cg_hidescope for people wanting to take zoomed in screenshots, requires cheats enabled


SupplyDepot Final?

Posted by foonr

The mapper eb , who only recently released a third version of Supply Depot which included winter textures and several new additions, has moved to create, following comments by a WL supervisor, a fourth and what he hopes final spring version of the popular map designed for competition.

Gone are the H/A cabs at the CP, and so now the map should now play like SD2 with spawn fixes, and none of the FPS drops found in 3.

eb had this to say:
" I received an e-mail from wl|kropa, who is a supervisor for the ET-league @ www.warleagues.com , asking me to make a spring version of supplydepot3 for competition use but with the removal of the health and ammo cabinets. Well, after 7-8 hours of marking textures and terrain and testing skies and FPS.....here it is; Supplydepot spring/competition version. The same scripting fixes as I used in #3 and features some small additions along with a cosmetically enhanced terrain."


Download available here


ETManager 2.0.1 Released

Posted by Nail
ZeBlob has released version 2.0.1 of the ETManager. It mainly removes the download restriction in rotation checker and incorporates the new spanish translation by pMingo. He also added something to move files around in the Pk3 Explorer and fixed a few bugs. As always the ETM can be updated automatically from the Updater module, or download at the ETManager website.


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