The Complete Guide to Domination

Posted by foonr

 With the recent interest in the newest mod to ET, Domination, I took the liberty of making a guide for it.

The guide covers everything from first installation of ET & Domination through to tweaking your cvars to make a perfect set up for you. There are also other sections, including overviews of the Domination maps. All links are included, so if you would like to know more, or download anything, please feel free to visit it.

Take me to the Domination guide!

Please feel free to post this as news anywhere else, as obviously the main aim is to raise awareness smile)



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48 Hour Marathon in Aid of Cancer Research starts TONIGHT

Posted by unblind

The final countdown has begun. Tonight at 8pm xyto*genGz will start playing enemy territory and will not stop until 8pm on Sunday!

The event will be covered by Komatsu of M8D Radio (coverage starts at 7pm tonight) with updates throughout the 48 hours available on the 48 hour website and #xytogen on quakenet.

All money that is rasied will go to Cancer Research UK, the UK's leading cancer research charity. Donations are gratefully accepted and can be given at the 48 hour website using the link provided.

A 24 slot public campaign server is being provided by UQ Gaming as well as a 50 slot teamspeak server so you can chat to genGz while he is playing. He will also be playing on the xYtogen Domination servers for some powerball and CTF action. Read more about Domination. A live streaming webcam will be available on the 48 hour website during the event so there's no chance of genGz swapping with someone else to play while he gets a bit of kip.

This event promises to be much bigger and much better than the last attempt and genGz hopes to go for the 'full hold' this time around. But he can't do it without your support; The more people that get involved the more money we raise the closer we come to finding a cure for cancer.

ETT v1.0 - Enemy Territory Tweaker

Posted by Skornogr4phy
Enemy Territory Tweaker:
A small, stand-alone program, coded by Flak, designed to help people who are new to config file creation, and who want to customise their gaming experience.

- Over 30 easy to understand useful CVARs to modify, with detailed descriptions, and easily selectable options.
- Ability to create your own 'say' and 'vsay' binds, as well as a combination of both.
- Pre-Made Default Template.
- Exclude any CVAR you want from your config file.
- Graphics Quality and Relative FPS graphs to show how modifying certain CVARs will affect your game play.
- Easy Wizard style layout, with different stages (Example: View Settings, Gun/Crosshair Settings).
- Ability to add "foreign" CVARs to your config. file.
- Add useful ET scripts to your config file, such as akimbo scripts.
- Set up Class binds with the Class Selector.
- On screen keyboard – no need to remember the bindable key names anymore.
- Easily saves to your ETMain folder by a one-click save function, for simple initialization.

ET Manager 2.1.0

Posted by Skornogr4phy
ETM 2.1.0 is out and now includes a brand new personal stats tracker.

By simply leaving ETM open while you're playing, it will now be able to monitor your console activities and display your performence in the new stats module. You can even compare yourself against other players. Best part is that the charts are flexible enough to make yourself look like a god, no matter what.

You can get the new version here or through the update module if you already have ETM.

That RTCW2 thing...

Posted by foonr

I won't say much about this, but instead let you read, and make of it what you will. Thanks to Fusen for the tip.

IGN: Can you forsee any Quake or Wolfenstein movies to be made in the future?

HOLLENSHEAD: With Wolfenstein, that's a project that we've actually had in development. We've been working with some writers and those sorts of things. It's obviously not as far along as the Doom movie was when it took off after we had the E3 showing in 2002, but I think as we go forward with a lot of those franchises, I mean… you haven't seen the last Wolfenstein game. I don't want to talk too much about when or what the next one's going to be, it's still very much in the drawing board phases, but I think as… my hope is, it's not too dissimilar from Doom III and the Doom movie, where we kinda had the game going on, and the movie really caught fire. So we'll have the same thing with Wolf as well.


ET: Domination Patch

Posted by foonr

One of the hottest and also the newest mod on the ET scene at the current moment, Domination, has just had a patch released for it by my good friend and mod creator Lanz, bring the mod upto version 1.1.

One thing still remains and it's the support for older glibc's < 2.3 on Linux and affects older Linux servers, however since this only affects the server and can be released at any time later without breaking pure servers for the clients, it was not a priority fix for the patch, and will doubtless be fixed soon anyway.

Download ET: Domination
Download ET: Domination Patch 1.1
Visit the website

Changelog here



Posted by foonr

"Did you ever wonder who that "Wolfplayer" was who kept on fragging you? Or that "I-am-a-n00b" dude that always finishes you with two headshots? If so, then look no further, because the solution is right in front of you!"

With the recently released program named YAWn!, players will be able to find out who is really hiding behind that fakenick, not dissimiliar to the pb_alist feature. However a big part of YAWn! is the ability to register your own nick. Some more explanation can be found here.

More information, plus downloads can be found at


Ventrilo 2.3.0

Posted by foonr

Kind of old news this, but I was too lazy / tired from the effort of updating myself, so I'll post his now. Basically, there has been another update to Ventrilo, the popular voice communication software.

The update is client side and server side, bringing the version up to 2.3.0. The update is mandatory, so if you're still running 2.2.0 you'd better upgrade quick. People running 2.1.x need not worry.

Note the Linux & Mac OSX client side update are still in development.

Download here


ET: Domination Launch Tonight

Posted by unblind
You've seen the interview now is the time to play the game for yourself! Tonight is the long awaited release of ET: Domination, The Powerball and CTF Mod for Enemy Territory.

You may remember early last year a mod was released by Lanz called Powerball. The objective is to pick up the ball from the middle of the arena and score it in your opponents goal. Whilst you are carrying the ball you can't fire your weapon but you can fire the ball in the direction you are facing.

Now a year on, the mod has finally been updated under the new name of ET: Domination and now features Capture the Flag. The update includes...

- ETPro antilag and hitbox code
- Improved standard maps
- All new map; Steelplant
- Hitsounds implemented
- Class and weapon restrictions
- New fancy ball model
- Numerous CVAR's to enable you to run a game exactly as you want

A more detailed changelog can be found here but is no means exhaustive!

Join #ET.Domination at Qnet for the launch party and get the download links and server IP's


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