• prideovlondon
    Level 1

    itsnice to see sumone take sum time to come up with
    a genuinly helpful reply, nice post
  • Rekkik
    Level 1

    I noticed that aim only is not enough.
    If I get shot, this is mostly because of strafing / bunnyhopping people.
    So hopping = surviving.
  • General Samov
    Level 1

    movement skills + aim = pure pwnage. And no, jumping while in a duel != win. Unless you watch The 3rd level by Shewie & Ganon :lol:
  • Sun Jan 29 2006, 07:34pm
    Level 1

    The game rewards teamplay, as long as you are with some comrads who know what they're doing you will prosper
  • Fatal Damage
    Level 1

    but i love running into battle with no chance of survival :$
    its ok if theyre no0bs because you can take like 4 of them at the same time. cheesey
    but yeah. cover is important, and dont be afraid to leave a duel. It seems a bit cowardly, but if youre playing the game of survival, then knowing that you wont make it through a duel with someone, it is best to just leave it and run away to heal up.
  • bladewyrm
    Level 1

    learning to tj might help, get you places faster and camp people better wink

    Also backraging puts up your kills: i.e Radar, main is blown and cp is up, go round bunker to cp, wait til spawn, get spawntime and some kills, repeat (but after a few times ppl might plant mines).

    Generally think about what is happening / what stage the map is at, try to predict where people will go (Oasis, one gun left, they have to go for that gun)

    Aim is useful, but learning how to use it is best (no point having the best aim if you keep getting pwnt by a leaning panzer/rnader)

    If you use a dot for a crosshair, turn pulse on, so you know when to crouch to lower your spread.

    Tweak your sensitivity, play with different sens, try higher / lower until you find what works for you.(if really low sens, get a 180 script)

    If you ever play some pro games, you have to learn to use cover + leaning.

    One more, if you are in a duel and someone goes around a corner, put crosshair at head level and start shooting AS you go around the corner, not as you see them (may get a cheap hs or two and get their screen shaking)
  • Necrorage
    Level 1

    In my opinion i think you should try in face to face combat to run around mad right after you see the enemy. In ET there isnt much recoil so the accuracy stays almost the same if you run or if you are standing still. Also if you jump alot it will be a pain to hit you
  • Destructo707
    Level 1

    Alright here... Read this all ...

    The key to surviving is smart thinking not running out in open yes yes some one already said this im just explainin better

    First off PLay with noobs just to get a good feel of the game get to know your spawn times and most likely were enemy will spawn .. after that start moving up from noobs to people more you skill level.. then once that happends start using team tactics such as

    1. Stay in a Group of 3 ( Atleast )
    2. Aim At Head Level Always ( cg_drawgun 0 ( Helps ) )
    3. If your having trouble in a 1v1 fight Try go for the back rap more often. ( i no it sounds noob but it will help )
    4. Always ( People always make this mistake ) Always Lean Around Your corners when your not sure if an enemy is there
    5. PLay more often get to know people and Try a Custome CFG

    also try this .... if you have herd of the MG Trick it works find a MG And Strafe back and forth And try to keep ur Crosshair on the barrel if u cant lower ur Sens if you can that sens is best for you

    Happy Fragging!
  • virgili
    Level 1

    um,use ammo wisley e.g dont fire off randomly

    hide behind things

    generaly find cover,and keep an eye on your surroundings,someone might sneak up on you
  • ardiwd
    Level 1

    My advice is don't worry about it. In a really hard fought map where my team loses I usually have the most kills but also the most deaths. This is because I push, and push and push, not dawdle along and wait in a tunnel for my death. I get to the fight quickly, kill and die, and get back there again before my body is cold. There is nothing more frustrating for me than an enemies spawn timer ticking down to renewal and my team is cowering in a tunnel. Yes running out like rambo on crack will get you killed, but the 2/3 men you bring down with you is the kick-start for a rush for your team.
    I think it depends what you keep dying by.
    Get aware of your typical mine spots. Have a play with some artilery/airstrikes so you know how it will fall in relationship to it's thrower/how the blasts fall... lean peek round unknown corners, or be ready/strafe peek. Stay one step behind your team mates....
    Get better at shooting so you kill them first tongue
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