• Nail

    afaik, if you have the pack named .pk3 and the server pure it should d/l and work
  • Sun Jan 09 2005, 09:13am
    Level 9

    the file is optional unless something it needs is in it
    a campaign file or a md5 file (maybe an mdx file) are ways to make it download... but otherwise it's optional
  • tslayerian
    Level 1 and its alt are the actual menu files for the voicechat menu. They are what is displayed in that menu.
  • tslayerian
    Level 1

    Just posting a follow-up note on my tutorial:

    You can only have ~100 characters in the quotes.. i.e.:

    sound/kcc/porn.wav "I dunno.. doing something.. pornographic?"

    If whatever is in quotes is too long, in game, it will cut it off.

    Secondly, sprites:

    If you look closely in the .voice files for Axis and Allies, you'll notice something like this:

    sound/chat/allies/922a.wav "Heal me!" sprites/voiceMedic

    voiceMedic is that little red icon that appears above someone's head when they call for a medic. It's known as a sprite.

    Making your own sprites is pretty easy. Make a blank 64x64 image in Photoshop or what-have-you, and then add the wanted picture there. Cut out whatever parts of the picture you don't want in the game, and then CTRL + Left Click the little thumbnail of the layer you're working on. Go to "Channels" and then add a new one (It will be automatically renamed "Alpha" something). Press alt+backspace and that black should be filled with white. This white is the visable. Black is invisible. Anywhere between is semi-transparent. (Note, if it doesn't fill with white, press "D" and then press ALT + Backspace). Save this is a .tga in the "Sprites" folder (make sure it saves with transparency, it will ask you in dialog box) as a 24-bit Targa file.

    Next, you need a shader file. In my case, I had made a chinchilla icon for my friend Lemmy. It had transpency, and it was placed in the right folder. So I made a new .shader file name qdSprites.shader

    In this shader, I added:
    map sprites/chinchilla.tga
    rgbGen vertex

    nocompress - The image won't be compressed
    nopicmip - The image stays sharp.
    The rest of the commands are for transparency.

    I saved that file in the "scripts" folder with the two .voice files. Next, I opened up the .voice file and added to one of Lemmy's sounds:

    sound/lemmy/problems.wav "What the hell is people's problems?" sprites/chinchilla

    Pretty simple? Good.

    P.S. I apologize for those who do not use photoshop, it's the only thing I've got. But as long as you can get a Targa file that is 32x32 pixels and can accept alpha layers/transparency, you should do fine.
  • stephenrulez
    Level 1

    i dont really get the menu part but i think i get the adding the sounds to a pk3 part
  • jorma124124
    Level 1

    Can some1 explain me what do the quickmessage and quickmessage_alt make difference? Can i just copy it and leave it like that, or what do i need to change? :S
  • nUllSkillZ
    Level 2

    Alt uses numbers the other one letters.
  • bling_NL
    Level 1

    Nice tut, on making custom sounds, AND on making sprites.. cheesey
  • 01706
    Level 1

    i have been looking at some sound mods that i downloaded ofs some servers i go on and they don't have chat/allies/922a.wav files with them but they still work when you are on that server, how is that? and these sound mods are renamed but in the tutorial its pak0.pk3 ...
  • Thu Mar 16 2006, 08:55am
    Level 1

    My apology, but I can't make heads or tails of what you're getting at....
    Please explain more and better.
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