• UncleBS
    Level 1

    Luckily whenever I play JB seems to be on so I never really experience problems. But when hes not(which isnt very often smile ) you do get some idiots trying to ruin it. I think another ref is a good idea. There should be some sort of agency to recruit refs smile

    If you dont find a new one though i know a good guy, hes handsome, charming, funny and a damn good player of ET to boot....guess who it is :idea:
  • Slippery Jim
    Level 1

    JB may not like undercover refs but I actually like them. People behave differently when a ref is online with their proper name. As soon as he/she leaves then the TKing, spamming, and such start.

    The fear of not knowing if a ref is on "undercover" may help keep people in line just because they know when they are being watched.

    When I give a warning undercover it is just to remind them about the rules. If they laugh at the rules then they are not the sort we want on the gameserver anyways. I shed no tears when after several warnings they still defy our rules and I am forced to kick them.

    Usually I will log in as ref as a final warning just to let them know that I am not just a regular player. If they still persist I kick.

    Yes we want another ref for the game server but we want to make sure we get the right person.
  • asgath
    Level 1

    I very rarely see refs or admins on when I play, and I'm very often of the server. But I agree we need more refs, someone who is on the server often, and trusted by admins and members of the forum alike, I am an admin at / and I know how hard it is to become admin or even mod...(there's only 3 admins atm...)
  • JamesBOMB
    Level 1

    Might I suggest a message in the MOTD saying something like "Please behave, we got undercover refs hanging around!"

    Then at least they would be warned that there might be someone watching. We get lots of new players trying the server out every day and they don't all read this forum, so a message might alert them to behave... just a thought. :wink:
  • Slippery Jim
    Level 1

    Ya, I was thinking about that too.

    We should post it if we want to get the most "fear" for our buck wink

    BTW JB if you don't want to go undercover that is cool with me. It is your personal choice and having a ref "on duty" and visible also has a positive affect.
  • Trinity(EO)
    Level 1

    For that covert ref idea:

    It can be done !
    In a earlier post of mine I posted a link to a program to connect to your server.
    Later you guys placed this program in your homepage.
    With Rcon Unlimited you can kick someone without having to log on as ref in the first.
    So what a Covert Ref (i like this combo) could do is :

    Install a minimizer and activate Rcon Unlimited and go on-line as a player, detect a "cheater" minimize ET and warn + kick that player.
    When the kick command is issued players will only see blabla got got kicked : reason: by CONSOLE.

    I guess it could be a pain in the ass to handle all these programs at once but it can be done.

    As beeing a ref on my own server (currently down)I use this method once in a while.

  • Tha_Legacy
    Level 1

    :lol: LOL, love this poll!! Great job Typhoon! Was doubting between last answer " no i like to use aimbots and swear to people" and we need good ref. It's just that we defenately need another ref, otherwise i would have chosen that last one! LMAO, that aimbot thing was funny :lol:, i think many choosed that one cuz it's so damn funny!!!
  • Trigger-Happy
    Level 1

    I think the server would benefit from another ref.There would be alot less bad stuff going on in the server if there were more ref's too watch it.
  • foonr
    Level 1

    Well the poll speaks for itself.
    78% is quite a lot in favour of a new ref.

    However, a new ref has been chosen (im pretty sure), don't know if i'm aloud to say who though... confused

    All I will say is that the guy they have chosen is just about the perfect choice...thanks so much for choosing _______ (btw, their name isnt as long as the underscore line tongue )
  • Riot
    Level 1

    we really need a ref that can be on the server like around the clock especially in the mornings. Because when i have been on the server in the mornings there are alot of people abusing the server and it really does need sorting out it really does Spoil the fun of other people playing the server.
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