• mrblacksniperwolf
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    Play ET?

    K your in...

    Nah Jokes, if your interested in a European (mainly English speaking) clan then step right up to

    If you already play another game called Deus Ex, FANTASTIC!

    engeance are a clan which play both Deus Ex and Enemy Territory

    If you dont already play (D)eus E(x) then dont have a mind-banta, its all good, we can guide you to a free download for DX and kit you up!

    Sorted Mate :]
  • porcubunny
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    Name: All Nations Army
    Contact: Details on the site listed above
    Languages: English (but ANA is multi National)
    Location and Timezone: Doesn't matter
    Availability: 24/7
    Game: Return To CastleWolfenstein, Enemy Territory

    Other things of interest:

    First off, ANA is about enjoying the game when you have time, and want to play.
    We do not require you to have Team Speak, X-Fire, or any other extrainious programs. All you need is ET installed.

    ANA as a whole clan will never be in any league ladders and participates in friendly scrims only.
    However if you wish to be involved in a league team, once you are a full member you are welcome
    to enjoy league competition play with your fellow ANA members.
    We have an ANA League Teams program so visit the forums to see how to take part in the fun.

    ANA plays on two servers. One is for new and "less than leet" players, and it is run by our friends at WAR clan.
    The other is a 40 slot frag fest and is ANA's own server.

    If this sounds like something that would suit you, come visit the clan page and the game server(s) for some fun play.
    If you are looking for a friendly group to game with, but don't want to deal with practice schedules and time restrictions,
    come give us a look and decide if All Nations Army is for you.
    Players new to the game of Enemy Territory are welcome to join too. Our staff is very friendly and helpful.

    Tell 'em {WAR}HOG sent you! cheesey
  • Xaphurias
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    Recruiting for (Many members/ Majority From Europe (+UK) / understandable english on teamspeak)

    Qubenet players may become referees on qubenet public servers. Host TeamSpeak2. War squad get the use of a private free 16 player ET/Pro server to use in their matches if needed. There is also a internal clan private server for matches within the Qubenet community. This is a sponsered team of players by

    We also have a new for players who want to scrim and play seriously but arent leet enough for warsquad.

    Btw our tag is this long beat that for length :lol: (i used green cos im a QTA and i think we rock ^^)
  • squirt94
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    Green Battlefield 3lites

    GOTO to got to the forum
    and to go to the homepage
  • Aigle
    Level 1

    Name : Blood Fighers
    Tag :

    Nationality : All (we have poland, american, canadian, deutch, belgium, french, (...)) players
    Recruiting : Depending on your skills
    Games : Wolfenstein, might extend to others later
    Webby : Only forum atm, designing of the site in progress

    Our goal is to have a great community, nothing more, nothing less. It's simple : be fair, and nice to each others, make friends, play together, (...).
    We will take actions against people that goes against those rules (swearing, insulting, not playing fairly (cheating, spawn killing, team killing) and any kind of bad behaviors).

    You can also simply check the forum, we are trying to put some interesting ressources there, like tutorials, and other stuffs.

    ~Aigle smile
    Level 1

    Theres a new ET Clan in town check us out


    Server ip:

    We are recruiting

    Other clans to visit (Friends of CFNY):

    Frag Solution:

    ET|NY Clan:

  • Scorpian
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    Name of Clan: KLC - Killer Loop Clan



    We are looking for new recruits. Thanks

    *Any other questions you can find them at the website. :akimbo:
  • Thu Jun 22 2006, 02:27pm
    Thu Jun 22 2006, 02:29pm  
    Level 1
    Zoek je een Nederlandse clan(Belgie)? Klik dan op de link!

    Ga voort naar de forums en kijk of je wil joinen.
    DE site is oud en niet-geupdate!

    Level 1

    Hello to all you fraggers! TGT are a UK based clan but have members from all around Europe,USA and Canada at the moment not recruiting but the TGT clan are looking for more people to join in and use the servers. One UK server that is running ETPro and one UK server running ETPub,feel free to drop by and say hello and have a game or two all are welcome. Also we have ventrillo and a battle server for scrims and clan matches visit the forums for the server details and to find out how to challenge TGT or just to say hi...

    UK Server I.P address-

    UK Fun Server I.P address-

    Visit the forums too

    Happy fragging!!
  • Terradigits
    Level 1

    Name: United Enemy Territory Players
    Contact: Details on the site listed above
    Languages: English
    Location and Timezone: Doesn't matter
    Availability: 24/7
    Game: Enemy Territory

    UETP is a clan for all players of all skill levels. All we ask is that you have a basic understanding of the game. We get more members every day, and we play plenty of matches. If you want to join, just head over to our site. At the moment, we don't require any external apps like teamspeak.
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