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    Firts of all, no one is born with the god given gift of aim, you might have good hand eye co-ordination, or good reflexes, but it doesnt mean youll be great at a game. So the most important thing about your aim is not something you can download or tweak, its practise, a person who plays for 1 hour a day on a lowskill public, will struggle to reach the same level as someone playing 4 hours a day in high skill clangames.

    The main things you can change are your in game settings, your mouse, mouse pad. Most important in game settings are cg_fov, sensitivity, in_mouse, r_gamma and cl_mouseaccel (which imo should always be 0). You should hunt out and destroy any mouse accel on your computer, it is BAD, i dont care if you think you are the "ownage" with it, in the end you could be better without, some people use it because they have a low sensitivity and cannot turn properly without. You need to raise your sensitivity, people say low sens is the best, well thats true, but you should be able to do a 180 degree turn in 1 swipe of your mouse, and yet have sufficient control over your movements. ( this is mainly taken from aiming by raziel, which you can download from

    R_gamma = how bright your screen is, tweak to your own liking, it will make people easier to see

    in_mouse set from -1 to 1, this setting, i cant explain, but switch the values a bit and see if you can feel the difference

    cg_fov i use 110, but it is purely subjective, imo 90 is too narrow and the retecule knock when shot is too much, 95 is perhaps a bit better, do not just use someoen eelses fov because they are better than you. The reason they are better than you is probably because there settings are more optimal than yours.

    Sensitivity = Read aiming by raz, ill sum it up, make sure you can do a 180 ( at one point i could only turn 100, i thought it was great when i wa sshooting long range, but short range it wasnt, a toggle might seem like a good way to do this, but using 2 different sensitivitys in game is not a good thing) and make sure your sensitivity means you have a feel for your polayers movements, nothing feels loose, nothing feels too fast. You should have perfect control no matter how fast yuor players moves.

    Obviously there is M_pitch set to 0.0151, which lowers vertical sensitivity, but if your good at moving your mouse in a straight line you can keep it higher as et maps are less flat than rtcw.

    Raise your windows sensitivity, and if you use a usb port get the usb 500hz patch, if you use the mx510, remove the 13.5g weight from it. If you want to know why windows sensitivity is important, set it to the lowest it can be then go in game and set in game sen to 100 you something very strange if you can get your windows sens low enough.

    Also try strafing from side to side keeping your aim on a single point, if you dont have ctf_multidemo, try the old city flag pole, strafe around it trying to keep your aim glued to the pole.

  • Coffinfeeder
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    nothing new...*yaawn*

    still <3 Sock wink
  • Necuz
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    In the MX article, please note that the MX500 is attached to the mousecord clip on his fUncpad wich would indicate that it is his current mouse in use and not the MX510. smile

  • Tha_Legacy
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    No idea what u were talking about, but it clarifies my config a bit; My stolen (exact) config has the values you described were important.

    Ill try to alter my fov sometimes, altho i hate anything else than fov 90.. cant get used to it, altho i never really tried it long.

    1 thing i did found; My windows default mouse driver was on low-mouse accelleration... is this really a bad thing, or a personal preference? because now i disabled it, i cant adjust my aim to it easely..
  • Sockdemon
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    are you talking about mouseware or windows drivers,because mouseware usually has an option to disable that accel in games. But yeah mouse accel generally is a bad thing, but its hard to change after maybe youve played with it for a while, fov is another thing thats a bit hard to adjust, i played on 90 for a while and found when i changed to 110 i couldnt see anyone. Fov is purely personal prefference anyway though, just like everytrhing, just imo 90 is to narrow and makes it too hard to shoot once your get shot.

    anotherthing i forgot is r_mode and r_displayrefresh

    r_mode = resolution i use 6 which is 1024 x 768, some use 4 which is 800 x 600, it all depends, if you cant get 85 - 100hz on the resolution your -playing at dont use it.

    r_displayrefresh = refresh rate of your screen, no point having 125fps when your monitors only showing 60 of those frames per second, i would say ia minmum of 85 100 - 120 being better imo.

    oh and of course there is nothing new, i was just hoping people would stop posting, whats best fov to use, whats best sensitivity, how do i am, etc ;D.
  • Sockdemon
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    Mouse accel makes your mouse sensitivity increase the faster you move your mouse. Just think of it this way, everytime you move your mouse you have a different sensitivity; and you start to realise why its not a good thing.
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    Hmm, i think i understand what u mean, if i do quick turns, the mousemovement will never be the same if i repeat the movement itself right.

    1 thing im not sure about, my mouse( i use a logitech cordless desktop comfort, standard mouse, mouseware drivers, is small and perfect for my hands) is never being really accurate. Neither in games nor in windows;

    This only applies if i move my mouse fast. I use a Funcpad 1030, but it does the same on my desk itself. I think its because its a cheap ass mouse that went with my keyboard, but im a bit used to the mouse, so i want to be sure i dont buy a new mouse for nothing.

    I think this is because the sensor just sucks. I used the program that came wih raziels guide, and it gives me a average of ~49 Hz.. Can you tell me if this is the reason of my problem, or can it be something else? Im also considering the new diamondback mouse, but since I didnt see any real reviews on the mouse yet( also waiting for raziel ), i dont feel like getting it yet. It also a very different mouse to get used to, altho it will probably be positive on teh long run.

    Any idea's? Thx in advance, im not very much into this mouse stuff, but im trying! : P
  • meez
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    Nice Writeup!


    The main things you can change are your in game settings, your mouse, mouse pad. Most important in game settings are cg_fov, sensitivity, in_mouse, r_gamma and cl_mouseaccel .

    Have to disagree tongue

    It is bad, but for players who have played with it since the start, gives them a low sensitivity and still can do fast turns easily. This is a major advantage for those who have the experience and knowledge to use accel. I always played QW with mouse accel, turned it off in windows with the patch and I couldnt bunnyhop around on my sens any longer. I dont know about ET tho. Does ET disable windows mouse accel if cl_mouseaccel = 0?

    Good Guide anyway. Nice work from one of the pr0 UK aimers.
  • vowel
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    ET does not disable the windows mouse accel, there is a patch for that included in raziels guide to aiming though.

    I used to play with mouse accel on, infact I had found the perfect mouse accel for my style of play (0.013). I turned it off and although it was REALLY hard to do anything for the next few days it was for the better imo. I put my sens up a bit and took some time to get the right sens that felt good for me but I did get it in the end and it helped me a hell of a lot. However then I got a logitech mouse and a surface fun 1030 mouse pad and had to find my sens again, I did find it again but over the past 2 weeks I've noticed it's not as good as it could be, so back to it lol.

    Sum up: Mouse accel really is a bad thing for those who want the best out of they're aim, but when switching it off it WILL take time to get used to.

    Going to try that highering windows sens and will report results.
  • vowel
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    Ok, done. It works quite well aim wise but can no longer do a swift 180 :S. Can do a 180 slowly but doing it fast it goes just over 90 degrees taking up my whole mouse pad. Doing it slowly I do a 270 taking up the whole mouse pad. NOTE: This is with windows sens ALL the way up.

    He is right however, it does help aim wise but I don't suggest doing any quick turns. I've now put it up by half and adjusted my sensitivity, I'm now happy with it and is a fair comprimise.

    Also tryed in_mouse, no noticable diffrence but there is a diffrence that I can't point out what it is. The feel of the sensitivity changed a little or something even though it is exactly the same confused Taking up the whole mouse pad it starting in the same spot moving your mouse across you will land in the same place with it on -1 and on 1 but theres something that just feels diffrent (use the force luke!) but I can't put my fingure on it. Best wording I can do, but would not be noticable in game imo.
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