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    This a good strategy I have been using to get to Major/Colonel in three maps.

    Things to keep in mind:

    Change per every four class stars.

    You always get light weapons/battle sense so don't worry about them.

    I have noticed chatting and voicechatting raises your Battle Sense as does crouching and Prone.

    To do this you must be a:

    1:Not a noob
    2:An ok firefighter
    3.Trust me

    Stage 1:
    First start of as a Covert Ops. Steal lots of disguises and Satchel Objectives. Spot all the mines you can. Play with a sten so you get a few light weapon stars.

    After you get four covert ops stars you should have:
    4 Covert Ops Stars
    Atleast 2 Battle Sense
    Atleast 1 Light Weapons

    Stage 2:Then move on to medic. It is really easy to get light weapons as medic since you have lots of health to waste on firefights. At this point if you have lightweapons 1 Medic LvL 1 is pretty useless (medic ammo).
    Heal your teammates on the battlefield and revive them. If you have 2HP and theirs a wounded teammate nearby revive him. You should get LvL 4 Medic in one/two map(s).

    After you get four Medic Stars you should have:
    4 Covert Ops stars
    Atleast 3 Battle Sense
    Atleast 3 Light Weapons
    4 Medic Stars

    Stage 3:Move to engineer. In either campaigns (Africa/Europe) on the third map (goldrush/fueldump) engineers are much required. Build as much as you can. Try to stop the tank using mines. Use the rifle grenades for extra engineering points. At this point you should have LvL 4 Battle Sense so you can see mines. Defuse enemy mines for points. If you have Akimbo's use them when low on ammo.

    After you get 4 engineering stars you should have:

    Full Covert Ops
    Atleast Full Battle Sense
    Atleast Full Light Weapons
    Full Medic
    Full Engineering

    RANK:Brigadier General

    At this point you should have between 800-1200 XP

    If it is a six map campaign go on in this order:

    Field Ops

    Hope these tactics help you play.
    Man this must be the longest post by me...

    NOTE: If it is a ten map campaign have fun with your skills.

    These are teams you should play on per map:


    Have fun and reply if this helped you.
    If this seems a bit over your playing level I recommend you try it anyway. You might not get to Brigadier General but atleast Major.

  • Itsacon
    Level 1

    I've gotten to 2 star General on a 6 map Fuel Dump server pretty much the same way.

    My way:

    Start out each map as engineer and construct the stuff near the Fuel dump (I play axis). deploy a lot of mines, then switch class.
    I start out my 'normal class' with field ops, deal out a lot of ammo near the spawn, then proceed to run around, launch artillery at choke points and airstrikes at the tank. If I see a teammate, I lob out some ammo (people ALWAYS need ammo) especially give to medics, they need it even more.
    Another trick I pull, especially before the bridge is crossed, is manning the MG tower, while at the same time launching artillery strike. This increases your signals and heavy weapon skill simultanuously smile

    When I'm full on FO, I switch to medic (that order, since starting with medic when also low on light weapons is annoying, no ammo)
    in the meantime I've usually made level 4 engineer too.
    All the while I keep using the emplaced MG's when worthwhile.

    After medic comes soldier, which usually is already a bit up due to the emplaced nests.
    If there's time left I go for Covert Ops, but never gotten that to lvl 4 too in one campaign
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    That is a good strategy for fueldump but the other maps also need enquiring. The fieldops and MG42 is a good strategy I use one Fuel Dump exept at the other axis MG the one near the allied command post. I keep shelling the tank 24/7. So all the engineers who come close to it die. The ones that make it get MGed by me. :twisted:
  • JamesBOMB
    Level 1

    No... Muahaha! You have not read the manual or ET for dummies... shame tsk tsk tsk... LOL

    tongue tongue tongue tongue tongue

    Check it out:

    The game awards battle sense to all the players every certain time (around 45 secs). We call this the "Battle Sense Timer". Basicly the game verifies if you were in the heat of battle and awards you points for it when the Battle Sense Timer expires.

    How are the points awarded?

    First of all, if you die before the timer expires you loose all the points you could have won. You have to succesfully complete that "Battle Session".

    If you survive the Battle Session you get the following xp points:

    2xp = If you give damage or recieve damage, but not both.
    5xp = If you give and recieve damage, but no kills.
    8xp = If you give and recieve damage, and you also kill someone.

    * If you die, you get no points.
    * If you kill someone flawlessly, you still get 2xp.
    * Situations cannot be duplicated. If you kill more people, or do even more damage, you still get the same Battle Sense. :idea:
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    Oh ok
    I was wrong then! (How impossible) frown :wink:
    Any way did the strategy help you?
  • JamesBOMB
    Level 1

    A little, I play on an XP save server so I don't need to have any strategy to get to Genereal. But on the other server I play, the rotation is only of 3 maps. So then I try to play for the win, not the XP. I choose a class that will help the team the most. Like on Fuel Dump, I ALWAYS choose Eng 'cause I know that on pub servers no one will be going to the dump to build the defense. So I go and do it. The defenses are up by the time the grate is blown. smile

    But your plan makes sense to me.

    Chapeau mon vieux! :lol:
  • Level 1

    Do you play on the server. I t is the only server I play on. I usually get 2000-3000 XP on it.
  • JamesBOMB
    Level 1

    No my ping is way too high (~250)... its 2 far away from me frown

    I play on the Clam Server (
  • Level 1

    No my ping is way too high (~250)... its 2 far away from me frown

    I play on the

    Oh Canada and Norway aren't close are they. I get pings of 90-160 on any european servers and 300+ on western servers.
  • JamesBOMB
    Level 1

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