• senesti
    Level 1


    e-mail address:@


    Languages: I can write in English.

    Timezone:Eastern Standard Time

    Avalibility:Anytime after 15:00 EST
  • Mon Feb 02 2004, 09:02pm

    Sodom & gomorrah


    We're looking for skilled people who know the game, the maps, classes and weapons, medium skilled are also welcome!
    We need active members, active on our forum and in ET, you need to be a teamplayer and willing to train!
    You need to install TS2 so you can join us on our voice command server, we have a private clanserver!

    Join the future and do a try out for S & G, never hurst to try!
  • Fri Feb 06 2004, 12:43pm

    Ok im looking for good european clan, im from scandinavia

    Clan should be active and participate on tournaments or clanmatches (last clan didnt have at all, lol)

    I would gladly take trial fight

    Im quite good and experienced and i play for fun

    Anyway my email is and same MSN address
  • Thu Feb 19 2004, 12:45pm

    Name: Rage Redux
    Contact: @
    Languages: English
    Location and Timezone: UK (GMT)
    other things of interest:

    We are a reasonably new clan, formed just after Christmas 2003. We have access to a ETPro and Teamspeak server. We have just joined ClanBase but are recruiting a couple more members before we join any ladders.

    Drop by our public channel #clan on quakenet.
  • alx_aka_iznogood
    Level 1

    name: alx_aka_iznogood
    email: @
    age 19
    language: serbian/bosnian/croat; english; german(basic)
    location: bosnia
    availability: weekend (alltime)
    connection: isdn
    class: medic, but can play all, covert, field, eng., solder!
  • Bobcei
    Level 1

    Name: =xXx=
    Contact: @
    Languages: French
    Location and Timezone: doesn't matter
    Availability: GMT 20.00 until GMT 0.00 (every week days)
    other things of interest: must have a medium skill

    we play for fun but we play also Clan base (only the french ladder).

    GG & HF
  • Wed Mar 17 2004, 09:19am

    I (*GiB*Undertaker) am the recruitment officer for Clan *GiB*'s ET section. We are currently enjoying our 9th year as Clan *GiB*. We are looking for a few new mature and active players who are willing to train and play wars with us (about 2 to 5 times, depending on your availability). We are a clan playing for fun with a touch of serious attitude.


    Clan *GiB* - International Multigaming Clan

    *GiB*Undertaker / xoompager @ hotmail . com (msn) / irc @ #*GiB* or #rtcw.gib
    Languages: English
    We usually play somewhere between 19:30CET and 21:00CET. If you want to play (on our publics) with clanmates you should be able to find us between 19:00 and 02:00 CET.
    We are an international and mixed clan with players aged between 12 en 50. Everybody is invited: race, skin color, gender or country are not important to us. Generally we only accept new players if they are 16 years or older. Contact me (on msn, irc or by e-mail) if you would like to join us during a tryout session.

    for more information visit our (new) web-site:
  • Ballistic
    Level 1

    Name: Ballistic / ^cBallistic

    E-mail/ICQ/MSN/AIM : ICQ (look for username Serena^_^), @

    Age: 14

    Languages: English / Japanese infrequently

    Location and Timezone: USA EST

    Availability: Im usually on every day after 2:15pm EST, and is on almost through the night.

    Connection: Cable/RoadRunner

    Favourite class: Soldier/Medic or Soldier

    Clan: what do you expect from the clan? Im looking for a competitive clan, but not totally serious. I dont want a clan with jerk players and I would prefer a team that is situated in the USA/UK. I think im a good player, novice - rookie.
  • custardcrusader
    Level 1

    -=BTZ=- (Bravo Two Zero) are currently looking for new members.

    We are a UK/Euro Based clan, are active in both the UK and Beneloux clanbase ladders and have been going for just over a year. You don't have to be super great to join us, just willing to give up 2/3 evenings a week, generally from about 7:30/8:00 GMT, for a couple of hours. Skill level is not too much of an issue, just a willingness to work in a team format and have a reasonable knowledge of the maps. We don't expect to be the best, just be the best we can.

    We have our own public server (which is made private for clan wars), and use teamspeak for voice comms. The only other thing we ask is that you can speak english.

    Our hompage is . Or alternatively, come and have a play about on our server, there's usually a few of us there. We do have irc on quakenet #-=BTZ=-, but we generally use Messenger (cos of the smilies) or teamspeak to communicate. Or you can contact me direct on @ or MSN me on the same name.

    Oh, server ip is

  • greasemonkey
    Level 1

    Name: jennifer / greasemonkey

    E-mail (MSN): @

    Age: 14

    Languages: English, Spanish, French, Latin :wink:

    Location and Timezone: London

    Availability: evenings, weekends, any time i can get.

    Connection: broadband

    Favourite class: soldier/engieneer anything really.

    other things of interest: interest, eh? interesting. dunno what you mean.

    Clan: fun. some clan wars. anything
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