• bobthecow591
    Level 1

    Name: Alex/ Assault

    E-mail: @"+"@"+"";self.close();' onmouseover='window.status="mai"+"lto:"+"@"+"@"+""; return true;' onmouseout='window.status="";return true;'>E-mail
    MSN: @"+"@"+"";self.close();' onmouseover='window.status="mai"+"lto:"+"@"+"@"+""; return true;' onmouseout='window.status="";return true;'>MSN
    AIM: Assualt591
    Xfire: assault591

    Age: 17

    Languages: English

    Location and Timezone: U.S.A, GMT -6

    Availability: monday,wensday,fri-sat 24/7 (litteraly)

    Connection: DSL 2.0MBps

    Favorite class: All

    I m looking for a clan because i like ET really and i want to improve myself
    I started to play ET in january 2007 never really been in an ET clan so thats why i wanna try it if you would like to know more just contact me preferably Xfire

    What i want from a clan is
    1. Have a TeamSpeak or Ventrilo (either one)
    2. have active members
    3. have a well developed site with real domain
    4. Organizes scrimmages clan matches or other leagues
    5. have practices

    Optioanl things the clan could have
    1. Server big plus though
    2. 10+ members another big plus
    3. ranks
    tonguelzdie: in tongueeace:
  • kmklr72
    Level 2

    Hey everybody. Need a clan? Come join the |ETA| Clan. We are all about having fun. Our website is and the clan language is English. If you have any questions, you can post them on our forums or send them to me at @
  • Ibropalic
    Level 1

    Rising Shadow clan is looking for some good players, we are in the process of getting our server back up. We are an invitation only clan but if you show activity on the site and play with us regularly I'm sure it won't be long until you get recognized. Come stop by jump on our vent and have fun with us....
  • Hessu556
    Level 1

    TMF - TwistedMindsFoundation is looking for new admins.

    We have five servers running and recruiting. Every new face is welcome!
    Our community is like big family, where everyone are everyones friends.
    Joining is absolutely free and I bet that you will fell in love with spirit of TMF. Only thing you need to do is register on site and fill an application!

    Click here to join today!

    Join now for good teamwork, great time and of course for super fun time! tongue
  • ucsreaper
    Level 1

    }UcS{ We have teamspeak and all of that stuff come check us out and hang at the forums JOIN }UcS{ TODAY!!
  • Joshef
    Level 1

    I'm an 18 italian boy. I'm searching a clan low/mid - skill. I'm low skill+ and I can talk english. thanks
  • MB| Eric
    Level 1

    Magic Bullets is recruiting !!
    We are a multinational fun clan (match every once in a while). We own a 40 slots ET server in America. If you are looking for a clan stop at our website and join us !

    Server IP:

    Tag: MB| (Magic Bullets)
    Email: @
    Xfire: ericcro
  • vin02
    Level 1

    hi lads im 16 from south west england my best class is spec ops i like 2 sniper and that is what i mostly do i hav been hooked on the sniper servers for bout the last year goin up against some of the top sniper from dp and other clans im lookin for a clan which will put my skills 2 good use thanks lads
  • ||Dark||
    Level 1

    Name: Yuri/||Dark|| also *Devin*

    Contact me: @

    age: 17

    Languages: I can talk english and Dutch

    Time zone: GMT +1

    I can play: almost all the time. I don't really have something to do so yeah

    Connection: Cable/Lan

    What i play: Eng/Soldier/Med mostly that two but i can play the others also.

    Well i have played Et for some weeks now. I am probably low/mid skilled but i am improving still. I mostly have um.. lots of death counts but also lots of kills.

    Um.. i want a clan with gaming/Competition I also would like if it was ebglush or dutch. Also in the same continent so Europe. Well thats about it
  • jtlozzy
    Level 1

    Hi, Im Josh but people call me Ozzy. im 21, and I have bee nplaying since 2003. I am looking for a clan to join. I dont want to pay any type of fee, so if you have to pay dues or server fees in your clan then dont ask me to join lol. looking for some good players. my gamer name is Agent Ozzy. if you want to contact me email me or msn me at @
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