• JesusFREAK.
    Level 1

    I'm looking for a clan that doesn't want money from me (hehe)
    I'm trying to have some fun in a clan before my family adopts some older kids...

    Game Name: JesusFREAK
    Contact: e-mail preferably... I have iChat and MSN and I'll use Yahoo if needed.
    Age Group: 10-20
    Language: English
    USA, Central.
    Play time: pretty much whenever. except wednesday nights.
    Connection: Cable
    I can play everything, I'll do whatever is needed.
    I am tired of no teamwork in public servers and people ignoring the objective... and me.
    what do you expect from the clan? teamplay I don't care if we do comps or if we just play together. a bigger clan would be nice but not nessicary.
    I want people with the same language.
  • Speer!
    Level 1

    23 SS-Frw PzGr Div NL
    Our website for more information(Dutch)
    Speer - xfire: ttkillzone - mail: @
    Dutch(for wars English)
    Hi i'm Speer and i started a clan again.
    This time it must be a better clan than i strated before.
    I'm searching Dutch people to join it.
    I didn't got mutch members now because this clan is started yesterday.
    If you are interrested, add me @ x-fire or mail be.
    X-fire and Teamspeak is a must!
  • AciDToX
    Level 1

    Hello all good ET m8s!

    Ur looking for clan?

    U wanna be at clan, where u can have lot of fun?

    Plz, our clan, WSC|(WeedSmokersClan) wants more player, U must be at last 16 years old, doesnt matter are you good, bad or something! If you are interested, PLZ send e-mail to @ <- Tell about you something, Ur nick,age , Country and something like that! If you send that e-mail 2 me, I PROMISE, YOU CAN JOIN WSC| without any accept, you only got 2weeks trial, and if you are good and polite, UR IN! Visit at also at WSC clan site ! :
  • Fri Oct 20 2006, 08:31pm
    Fri Oct 20 2006, 08:38pm  
    Level 1

    Hi all ET players!
    i am an returning ET veteran, and im looking for a clan!
    im looking for a clan with between 10-15 regular members, i like to play matches, but i don't like clans that are too proffesional ore take the game to serius.
    I rate my self as a middle skilled player, i can do all classes, and have a lot of clan/ teamwork experience.
    i speak scandinavian languages, and English, and im 18 years old!

    if you are a friendly clan, and looking for a player like me, my msn is:
    xfire: grimrevenger
    i hope to hear from somebody!
  • Xixeon
    Level 1

    Name: Tresias (ingame name: GangsterX(my new name))
    Age: 13
    I am from the Netherlands. I can speak: Dutch, English, frensh(not good) and Germans(Not Good)

    msn: Pm me for that
    I play since a few weeks :banana:

    I hope a clan will take me :banana: :innocent:
  • Zeynex
    Level 1

    Name: Matt
    Ingame Tek*Nikal
    Age: 14
    I am from Canada, and speak fluent English.
    I am looking for a friendly clan that has practices and participate in Squad VS Squad Competitions. I am mostly good at Fldops and Sometimes Medics. I am a arguable above average player, depending on my mood =D.

    Msn: @
    Ingame: I Mostly Play on [FP] Demo Center at :

    Thank You =D
  • gothickiller
    Level 1

    Name: Nightkiller / Nightkiller FIN
    Age: 16
    Languages: english, finnish and bit of german and swedish
    Location: Finland, GMT +2
    Available at: Monday-Sunday
    Connection: DSL
    Favourite class: Covert ops / Field ops / Engineer

    If I sound like the player you want, pm me here.

  • priidik
    Level 1

    med skilled player is searching clan which makes many wars...
    can talk english.

  • Tue Jan 02 2007, 04:28pm
    Tue Jan 02 2007, 04:59pm  
    Level 1

    >bAd< clan (beer around dudes) is reqruiting
    contact: @
    language: English, estonian

    This is a new clan and we are looking for players to join us.
    At first we recruit all players who want in, after some time we'll see who stays in the clan.
    You don't have to be very good player to stay in the clan, it only takes the team work ability, good attitude or a good potential.

    So who wants in, contact me at the msn address (vice_versa_7@, or visit our web page, and post the application to the forum!
  • Timcat
    Level 1

    Msn at: @
    Time zone:London, GMT

    Times:in the evenings from GMT 17.00 until 22.00, weekends all the time
    Class:Eng/covert op
    write down what you think, eg. html-skills, etc.

    I want to have a good time but I don't mess around to complete objectives, I don't think im that world class, far from it but I can be genraly anoying when sniping and my placing of landmines and explocives.

    I never lag and I would never touch any aim bot.

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