• bruce
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    This sticky topic is for all free players that want to be recruited or for clans that are looking for free players. Therefore no need for extra topics of players or clans. Only post in this topic.

    Bruce / Brute Force (either your real name or your game tag)
    write down how to contact you
    xx (tell your age)
    English / German (all the languages you can write and talk)
    Germany, GMT +1
    in the evenings from GMT 22.00 until 01.00, weekends all the time
    Medic only or Med/Eng/Soldier or play everything
    write down what you think, eg. html-skills, etc.
    what do you expect from the clan? fun/serious gaming/teamplay/competition in mayor leagues? with people from all over the world/continent/same language? ...

    =X= (the name of your clan) (where to find you on the net)
    bruce@ (address of recruiter)
    English (the language you all communicate in)
    doesn't matter (post if players should be from a certain timezone or not)
    doesn't matter (post if you prefer players to be online from a certain time, eg. GMT 20.00 until GMT 0.00...)
    write down some informations about the clan, if you are competing in a league, if it's more a funclan, serious trainings, etc...
  • iX Selfie
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    Yes! I'll start off wink

    Name: Selfie / Salvat1on (in-game often with an iX tag)

    MSN: @, or you can pm me here, or email me, and I have IRC.

    Age: 17

    Languages: English / French / Dutch (a lil bit of german and spanish too, and Latin and Greek but oh well =P AND most important of all I can curse in Estonian! Yeah!)

    Location and Timezone: Belgium, GMT +1 / CET

    Connection: Cable

    Favourite class: Mainly medic up till now, once I know the maps etc better I plan to play panzer as well though, my old specialty in rtcw.

    I'm looking for a team/family rather than a "clan", competing somewhere is nice but not a necessity.
    What I have to offer is tons of experience in clanplay, organising scrims, experience as a clanleader, as a member and as a matchorganiser. A good feel for creating tactics and strategies, I'm the teamwork-kinda player with adequate aim.

    I started playing ET about 2-3 weeks ago, so I still have potential to become a much better player I hope. Good communication within the clan is a must for me. Also, I like stylish tags =P

    I'm more of a pubplayer than a matchplayer lately, because real life is being a bitch. Right now i'm combining school, 2 jobs, a band, and a girlfriend. Meaning I don't have that much time to play, and especially have a hard time knowing in advance whether I'll be free or not. That's why I'm looking for a family rather than a clan ; ) So, what I have to offer is lots of advice, combined with being a good guy to hang out with/pub with (or at least I hope so =). The lack of serious, continuous play can make me quite rusty every now and then, though I get back to my old level rather quick, usually wink

    Any takers?

    ps. Don't mind the team.influX tag I'm wearing in-game nowadays, it's not an ET clan and it's as good as defunct, yet forever legendary ; ) Well, amongst me and my mates that is wink

    ps2. Sorry for the lack of structure in this post cheesey
  • LordPuma
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    Name: David/ LordPuma

    E-mail/ICQ/MSN/AIM/other: @/175509557

    Age: 17

    Languages: German/ English and a bit french

    Location and Timezone: switzerland, GMT +1

    Availability: monday-thuesday 1400 - 1700 maybe in the evening again fryday
    1400 - 0130 weekend almost anytime

    Connection: DSL

    Favourite class: Med/Eng can play Fops/Covops

    I m looking for a clan because i like ET really and i want to improve myself
    I startet to play ET in Mai 2003 and before i played in Operation Flashpoint clan. i m your man for tactics.
  • genGz!
    Level 1

    ClanUK. The UK's No.1 Multi-Platform Gaming Clan
    Established 1998
    We welcome members who can speak the requisite English to play effectively
    England GMT
    We are available almost always 9:00am-midnight every day
    DSL and above
    We encourage our members to be skilled in several classes although specialists will always be considered

    In my real life I am Training and Development Manager for a large government department. I train staff regluarly on Teamworking Skills, Motivation and Communication and so I can fully appreciate their advantages and uses, meaning they play a large part in my on-line gaming. I don't think there is anything more important in running a clan than those three things, being able to actually play well comes as a result of playing as a team and communicating well. And we're all great mates!

    This year we will be taking part in fun games, competitive matches and pushing for tournaments.

    If you would like to play among some of the best players please e-mail me at @ or visit
  • Skornogr4phy
    Level 1

    You're not supposed to post your clan here... btw Lord Puma come to
  • Droniac
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    Orto Sole -oS-
    The Netherlands, GMT+1 (a.k.a.: CET)
    3x a week (on evenings) at least.
    Orto Sole is a Dutch RtCW:ET clan.
    We've been founded on the 1st of January - 2004 and we've currently got 3 members.
    At the moment we have our own Ventrilo channel & moderated IRC channel, we have a IRC bot, we have a private site for members & we have a temporary public site (it will be replaced by a better one eventually).
    We're able to arrange servers for pratice sessions/scrimmages/wars, but we don't have our own server yet (we're working on that).
    We aim to be one of the best clans in the Benelux.

    We've enlisted for Clanbase today and will join the Benelux ladder once we have sufficient members.
    We hope to have 6 people or more by the end of this month, partly because we plan to participate in the eGaming-League (if we don't make it, we'll just sign up for the 3v3 or 2v2 leagues).

    Short History:
    We've been founded by 3 skilled, Dutch, RtCW:ET players on the 1st of January, 2004.
    Our goal was to create one of the best & most fun clans in the Benelux.
    Due to a lot of experience in clanleading we were able to quickly establish a lot of services for future members (such as a IRC channel & Ventrilo channel).
    Some oldbee's might remember one of our clanleaders: me! (Droniac) ex-leader of The Enforcers (ClanBase RtCW Open Cup 1).
    Well, read on!

    We're looking for skilled, dutch players with a nice attitude, that fit in with the rest of our clan.
    You have to be able to work in a team & you have to be willing to try out new things.
    Members of our clan are required to be as active as possible.
    We use IRC/MSN & Ventrilo for communication, any experience with these is a plus, but is NOT required.
    A working headset or microphone is necessary in order to communicate with Ventrilo.

    Anyone that wants to join will have to be skilled at multiple classes (prefferably 3+).
    We could really use a few good Field Ops & Medic players (Primary Class).
    We could also use another 1/2 Engineers.
    A skilled panzer player would be nice, but the other classes have the priority.
    The Covert Ops won't be anyone's primary class in our clan, it's just not useful enough in wars. (this does not mean we'll never use Covert Ops! We're just not interested in another skilled Covert Ops player unless he's skilled at other classes and is willing to play those 'other' classes most of the time).

    If you want to sign up, contact me on MSN or by Email @ @
    You can also contact us on our forum, which you can access via our website:
    You can also go to our IRC channel: #oS.ET @ Quakenet

    See our site for more info, if you have any questions contact me or post them on the forum.
  • LordPuma
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    Name :-=SOD=-LordPuma
    Contact:EMAIL @
    MSN: @

    Languages: German, English a bit french and latin smile
    Location : Switzerland GMT+1
    Availanility ALLMOST ALWAYS after 1400

    SOD is a part of APC clan. We are searching for new good ET players who take part at the Clan trainings and games. We have a own Gameserver and Teamspeak server. mostly we need allrounder, people who can play not only one class! but a good covops or soldier isnt bad.

    If u have question contact me or write in our forum in the post .
  • blo_inc
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    Connection: dsl

    time: montreal, canada?

    type: engineer lvl 1

    I woul like to join a good team-oriented clan who are disiplined and know what they are doing, perferrably one that has 5+ members
  • Nitros57
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    : Evan (Nitros57 in et)

    : @

    (aim): Nitros57

    : 15

    : English and some Spainish

    : Philadelphia, United States GMT -5 / EST

    : Cable

    : Medic, but when I started to learn the maps I am leaning toward Sodier and Cover Ops.

    : I have a lot of experience and I had a clan of my own for about 2 months (Ballistic). I was the clan leader during the whole time, and I started playing about 2 weeks before I started the clan. I am very open to suggestions and can easily become a much better player. I play for at least 2 hours a day

    : 7/7/1988

    : soldier/covert ops

    : Panzer, Mp40

    : none really except for Need for Speed Underground

    <-Ballistic-> (about 7 matches, we won 5)

    cheesey cheesey cheesey cheesey cheesey cheesey cheesey confused cheesey cheesey cheesey cheesey cheesey cheesey cheesey
  • DBTurtle
    Level 1

    Name: de Boswachters (DB)
    Contact: @
    Languages: Dutch/English (most members are dutch)
    Location and Timezone: doesn't matter
    Availability: doesn't matter
    other things of interest: well we need members tongue so take a look at our webby and maybe we'll recruit you smile
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