• dnbstoner
    Level 1

    dnb soldiers is a new clan looking for fun, fair, mature, team minded players to join, we wont have a server of our own right yet but if we get some good regular playing members then a 32 slot NQ server could be a option, new and old players welcome to apply, email me at @ for more info .. sl page here
  • Sun Jan 06 2008, 04:10am
    Sun Jan 06 2008, 04:11am  
    Level 1

    Clan: The United Federation of Gaming
    Searching For: Fun players, no experience necessary, you just have to be a good sport when you lose, if that's what you plan on doing. wink

    Hello, I'm -UFG-Kirk. tongue
    You can contact me through the clan forums, email, or instant messenger (all details listed below).

    Age: 15

    Clan Language: English

    My time zone, GMT-06:00, but you don't have to be. tongue

    I could care less as to what time you're online.

    As long as it's not dialup and you can play decently, and don't mind downloading a few megabytes here and there, your connection doesn't matter to me. Ideally, no dialup or satellite Internet... but it doesn't necessarily completely exclude you, if you're still interested in membership, ask anyway, every situation is unique.

    You can play any player types you want, I love playing engineer myself, play whatever you want. tongue

    I don't require any particular skills gaming or otherwise out of my members. Whatever you need to know, we'll try to teach you. smile

    What do I expect? Fun! Lots and lots of fun! We run a few servers, and I love to see clan members in there having a good time and enjoying it! That's what having a clan is all about, all this seriousness stuff is... kind of weird in my opinion. Some clans even make you address the leader as "sir" and treat them with extra respect... not the Federation. tongue

    If you have any questions you can visit our website, and you can find me on the clan forums or using one of my "personal" contact methods listed below.


    Email: kirk<at>unitedfederationofgaming<dot>com
    AIM: computer13137
    MSN Messenger: computer13137<at>hotmail<dot>com
    Yahoo Messenger: computer13137
    ICQ: 428653954
    Forum Profile Name: -UFG-Kirk
  • Thu Feb 21 2008, 10:52pm
    Thu Feb 21 2008, 10:54pm  
    Level 1

    hello im looking to be in a clan to have fun with and maybe meet some friends while im in the clan. i going for einigner or cover ops im okay with both i can also be a mecidc if neeeded

    email me here or

    or find me on sleeping gaint servers =]
  • Lojgar
    Level 1

    4:00 pm- 7:00pm most days of the week
    medic/covert once in a while soldier
    I´m good with image editing
    I want a clan with competitions and team practices
    with same language speakers
  • fire13
    Level 1

    Play all hours.

    Looking for a active clan that is in leagues and does scrims.
  • cnhjacknife
    Level 1

    Name: cnhjacknife [CNH]Jacknife

    MSN: @
    xfire aaron37
    Age: 18

    Languages: English

    Location and Timezone: England , GMT +1 / CET

    Connection: Cable

    Favourite mainley engnear & medic map sw oasis

    I'm looking for any county can join this clan

    Ive been playing et for years now
    clan name [CNH]

  • Lorz
    Level 1

    Name: Viktor Ingame - Sadf / FireFly

    Contact: xfire 'sadfet'

    Age: 17

    Talk: Swedish / English / German
    Sweden, GMT +1

    Good connection

    Can play all classes.

    I expect to have a fun clan but still a serious clan that want to play "pro". So a fun and serious clan.

    I prefer an english talking multinational clan, since those are the most fun.

    About me: I am an old school et player, that have not played much in the last year. But now I am back and interested in starting playing again. I am not so good atm, but give me a week and I will be back in shape.

    Please drop me a message on my xfire posted earlier.
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