• Slippery Jim
    Level 1

    Chances are once we get our game server running properly we will open it up to the public so that more people are playing on it. For now though we need your help troubleshooting problems.

    A fair amount of people are complaining about graphic problems on our ET game server. They say the icons are missing from the command map or they have other glitches. I have no idea why some people have the problem and others don't.

    Please post in this thread any problems that you think are specific to our game server. Drop us a short line also if the server seems to be working fine for you.

    If you are experienced at running an ETPro server please also feel free to suggest fixes for some of the problems that people post about or even your theory why this is happening. Do you think this is just standard ET bug mischief and people are just blaming the server?
  • Sat Oct 18 2003, 07:33pm
    Level 9

    i know you were having, technical problems, and when you get that info you were missing i think i may know a few fixes... you may not be running a pure server or something of the sort
  • Smokey
    Level 1

    Not sure if this is intentional or not, but punkbuster although active (and therefore on the lookout for actual hacks) does not do any form of cvar policing.

    FWIW, I've just had a quick "spectate" around the current map (Goldrush) and not experienced any graphical issues. I know there are issues with the etpro implementation of the compass in that some "custom" icons appear outside of it unless the mapper has created a .shader file to overcome this. All "vanilla" icons should however behave correctly.

    When I wake up a bit, I'll go for a campaign or two and see if I can find any other probs.
  • Slippery Jim
    Level 1

    I think you are correct about the pure setting Gotenks because someone mentioned about seeing their skin mod while playing on our server. Would they see the skins even if our server did not have them?

    No it is not intentional. I take it that we have to tell the config file what cvar setting are acceptable or not acceptable? Is there a default setting?

    Sorry about my lack of knowledge running an ET game server. Both EasyRider and Bruce are knowledgeable but presently are pretty busy. I am trying to get the ball rolling and take it upon myself to gather info and troubleshoot.
  • Smokey
    Level 1

    I'd just come to the same conclusion, the server is running unpure - this will be the cause of commandmap issues and other graphical problems as some mappers have altered "vanilla" files and not renamed them - but that's another rant.

    And yes, skin packs will show (all of my axis were charming zomby-like characters due to resurrection's skin file) this will be cured by the above method as they come in pk3 format.

    On a side note, it's good to see that we aren't spammed by "sponsorship" banners throughout the game!

    EDIT: clarified which pk3's should remain in .../etmain/ for the game to function.
  • Slippery Jim
    Level 1

    Okay I have left EasyRider a note. He will probably fix it Sunday when he returns home.

    Thanks guys. I will keep you informed.
  • Smokey
    Level 1

    PB settings is usually a hot topic, so I might need a fire-extinguisher soon...

    But, this lot are fairly standard:

    pb_sv_kicklen 10
    pb_sv_cvar cl_freelook in 1
    pb_sv_cvar cl_maxpackets in 30 100
    pb_sv_cvar cl_timenudge in -20 0
    pb_sv_cvar rate in 7000 25000
    pb_sv_cvar snaps in 20 40
    pb_sv_cvar cg_bobup in 0 0.005
    pb_sv_cvar cg_fov in 90 120
    pb_sv_cvar cg_shadows in 0 1
    pb_sv_cvar cg_thirdperson in 0
    pb_sv_cvar com_maxfps out 0.00001 40
    pb_sv_cvar m_pitch out -0.015 0.015
    pb_sv_cvar m_yaw in 0.022
    pb_sv_cvar r_allowextensions in 1
    pb_sv_cvar r_ati_fsaa_samples in 0
    pb_sv_cvar r_ati_truform_tess in 0
    pb_sv_cvar r_drawentities in 1
    pb_sv_cvar r_drawfoliage in 1
    pb_sv_cvar r_ext_ATI_pntriangles in 0
    pb_sv_cvar r_ext_NV_fog_dist in 0
    pb_sv_cvar r_ext_texture_filter_anisotropic in 0
    pb_sv_cvar r_flares in 0 1
    pb_sv_cvar r_gamma in 1 3
    pb_sv_cvar r_intensity in 1 1.5
    pb_sv_cvar r_lightmap in 0 1
    pb_sv_cvar r_mapoverbrightbits in 0 3
    pb_sv_cvar r_overbrightbits in 0 1
    pb_sv_cvar r_picmip in 0 3
    pb_sv_cvar r_showtris in 0
    pb_sv_cvar r_showmodelbounds in 0
    pb_sv_cvar r_shownormals in 0
    pb_sv_cvar r_uifullscreen in 0
    pb_sv_cvar r_wolffog in 1
    pb_sv_task 300 600 pb_sv_cvarsrch com_maxfps
    pb_sv_task 600 600 pb_sv_bindsrch com_maxfps

  • bruce
    Level 1

    problems i encountered:

    apparently server resets to one map with ff deactivated after everyone leaves.

    first time joining i wasn't able to pickup health/ammo/objectives but only while pressing f or enter.

    on commandmaps i do not see any icons, just the names of people from my fireteam. commandmap of railgun is either enlarged or belongs to another map.

    oh, and voting for most maps and campaigns does not work...
  • Slippery Jim
    Level 1

    K. I already have the campaign made...just need to get it uploaded and set in config so it uses it as default. Once that is working I will also upload a few variations so people can vote on what campaign to use.

    Don't know why FF gets deactivated. That is not a feature we want for people to be able to vote on.

    As for the rest I think it may have to do with the PURE settings since everything else you mentioned works fine for me (fresh install with no mods or 3rd party maps).
  • Monty
    Level 1

    My problem with the game server is that et cant load textures so i can look through walls and no weapon is shown frown .I´ve got the problems on oasis and battery map (ive done 2 test and it wasnt playable with this graphical errors)
    All other internet game servers work fine for me confused
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