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    <br>I was wondering, trx force kit would I need different MMA gloves to practice on a heavy bag?nom sayian?</br>I hope you guys enjoy it.we are man &amp; not pussy correct ?FWIW, you're keeping many of us motivated,`-_-lolI seriously doubt she would go as far as giving you her number for the sake of a bigger tip.Jesus Christ.did my good deed of the day phaggotindependent.(cleans)</br>just started doing cleans again (tonight) and would like to know how my form isI think my problem is i dont catch it low enough and the bar drifts forward idk any tips on how to fix the problems is greatly appreciated125--got a bit too far forward i think125 again ---felt better135--starts around :30s lol sorry.<br><br>We all KNOW the UFC doesn't give title shots based on fairness, so to start complaining because of Chael is a bit redundant.Many kids from my neighbor hood got there first job there washing dishes.You'd be in the middle of a rep and hear "UhOh, sorry, sorry guys, really I'm so sorry.Lately ive been rolling with this hot tiny chick alot and its fun lol.Good luck to all and let's set some new PR's this 2011!You are still young and at age 20 you are no where near done with school.All this Pride/UFC "nuthugging" is f'n stupid.<br><br>atleast pay off debts in a week and a half 3.Not sure if troll, but that's not always what girls want.I'd talk to him and the coach.Do you have a dog?So you're telling me Desi people should give up lifting?Sounds like a good fightIt's hard reaching fruits and vegetables at school, cheap trx trx home but I'm trying to pick the healthiest meals on campus as much as I can (these are labeled).He was offended I didn't take his call.and i need to know if getting ALL my proteins thro a drink will ruin my gains.I want to feel it.<br><br>Oh my goodness!try not to blow this off as mystical and gay bullsh it, some of the best coaches in the game believe in this type of mental training as being essential to becoming a champion.It is not healthy for somebody of your age to be concerning themselves with this sort of thing unless you are obese.Hay man, trx bands been there and done this x3 now (just had a revision).This is the way I feel.The hard will be eating healthy.---I upped my 100% squat poundage from 135 to 155.Bank of America plans to start charging customers a $5 fee in any month that they use their debit card to make a purchase.<br>
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