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    Key One to Smoke House BBQ : Quality of RibsSpend the extra time or money on a good rack of ribs. Do not buy packaged ribs because then you will be getting undesirable parts that the store has hidden by folding the ribs or turning then face down. Ask the store butcher to cut your ribs and to let you pick them out. Price should be the same because they always price by the pound. You will want to choose your racks of ribs based on thickness and marbling. Do not let a thicker membrane discourage you from picking that rack; just choose them based on meatiness and and even distribution of fat marble and you should do fine. Another tip is to always buy the ribs fresh. Do not buy and freeze and I would not r mend purchasing the ribs more than 2 days prior to when you plan on doing your rib smoking. Key Two to Smoke House BBQ : Preparation MethodI have read hundreds and hundreds of recipes for preparing good smokehouse bbq ribs and I always laugh whenever I see that the preparation is done pletely indoors in the oven or a slow cooker. My fellow bbq lovers: this is not Smokehouse BBQ ! This is against bbq code and all that is right and decent in this world. If you are snowed in by a twenty foot high snowdrift and cannot Nike Air Max 1 Men escape for 7 and half weeks but you have 2 racks of ribs that you could slow cook in the crockpot, Don't Do IT! The best smokehouse bbq is going to be smoky and tender. You must always use real wood and real smoke (not the liquid kind!, btw nike air max 95 isn't 'liquid smoke' a oxymoron?) if you want to have a genuine smokehouse barbecue taste. Smoke your spare ribs using indirect Nike Air Max 1 Women heat but keeping the smoker hot enough for safe cooking (250). You can pre-soak the wood if you like but if you are using a large smoker and the bbq ribs are far from your heat source then it won't make much difference. Soaking the wood in advance is a method to ensure that the heat won't be too intense and that instead it will only smolder instead of burning; but this 'hotness' of the fire can also be controlled by the airflow. See my website for exact bbq smokehouse prep methods, details, and bbq recipes and also an awesome smoked bbq beans recipe. The key to achieving real smokehouse barbecue taste is in two things: the quality of the meat and the method of preparation. Simple as that. This article is not going to be overly wordy so just a warning to not get fortable.
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